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Customers who choose Bloomerang Volunteer over Better Impact appreciate a comprehensive and flexible platform that is easy for program managers to set up as they need and for volunteers to learn and navigate.


Top reasons why nonprofits choose Bloomerang Volunteer over Better Impact.

Bloomerang Volunteer UI

Seamless integration

Seamless Integration: Volunteer Management syncs seamlessly with Bloomerang Donor Management, so you can see all your data in one place.

  • Data is shared across Donor Management and Volunteer Management
  • See a comprehensive view of engagement from both donors and volunteers
  • Convert highly engaged volunteers into donors

“I love that Bloomerang Volunteer is connected to my Bloomerang CRM and is able to track my volunteer staff as constituents. I also love that it gives my volunteers the ability to book their own shifts, eliminating the time suck of scheduling.”

Sarah Charley J. G2 Review

Bloomerang Volunteer scheduling

User-friendly design

User-friendly Design: Our modern interface simplifies interactions and welcomes users with an enjoyable, intuitive experience.

  • Clean and polished interface across web and mobile app inspires and empowers continued volunteer participation
  • Easy for volunteers to self-schedule, saving countless hours of admin work
  • Modern design makes it easy for volunteers and volunteer managers to learn and navigate

"It's been most helpful in scheduling volunteers for a variety of shifts. We have boosted our volunteer pool simply by having a platform for volunteers to view all opportunities available and ease of sign-up. The communications tools are incredibly helpful in getting reminders and emails/texts out to volunteers."

Jen B. G2 Review

Volunteer recruitment features for Bloomerang Volunteer.

Streamline processes

Automated email communications: Save time and keep volunteers engaged with automated and highly personalized email communications, all from the same platform.

  • Automatically welcome new volunteers to the organization or an opportunity
  • Send shift reminders, thank you messages, and birthday greetings
  • Target inactive volunteers and send them an automated re-engagement message
  • Recognize volunteer milestones such as hours achieved, tenure, or work anniversary
  • Add images, insert schedules, include special likes to materials such as waivers and FAQs

"It's one place to keep things related to our volunteers including hours, personal information, background checks and more. It's nice to be able to go to one place vs the several folders I had before."

Alicia M. G2 Review

Bloomerang's mobile donation app is a fundraising game-changer.

Mobile app for on-the-go access:

Mobile app for on-the-go access: The only app that equips volunteers and managers with all essential tools at their fingertips, ensuring seamless program coordination and effective communication. Streamline scheduling, volunteer check-ins/outs, messaging, and document access from anywhere!

  • Volunteers can sign up for shifts and opportunities, access their schedule, check-in and check out, receive communications, and access documents
  • Volunteer managers can see staff lists and scheduling, make quick roster changes, track attendance, identify problems in real-time, and send two-way messages

Turn volunteers into donors, donors into volunteers

Turn volunteers into donors, donors into volunteers

With our two-way sync of constituent profiles and volunteer activity data between Bloomerang Volunteer and the Bloomerang Donor Management database, you gain a comprehensive view of supporter engagement in a single location. Leveraging the Bloomerang engagement meter allows you to pinpoint committed volunteers who are highly likely to become recurring donors.

"The volunteer profile integration is a wonderful advantage. This is a HUGE timesaver for our staff! Syncing is easy and quick and means that all of our constituent and volunteer information is in one place!"

Anna Unruh, Director of Community Engagement Joy Meadows Foster Community

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Feature Comparison

Better Impact

Seamless integration with Donor Management.

Volunteer Management syncs seamlessly with Bloomerang Donor Management, consolidating all your data in one place. This allows for a comprehensive view of engagement among those who contribute both time and money.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Intuitive and user-friendly design.

A simple interface for both volunteers and volunteer managers inspires and empowers continued volunteer participation.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Automated email communication.

Save time and keep volunteers engaged with automated and highly personalized email communications, such as welcome, birthday, and anniversary messages, shift reminders, and recognition messages.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Dedicated mobile app.

Streamline coordination and communication for volunteers and managers by giving them access to all essential tools—from scheduling to check-ins, messaging, and document access—anytime, anywhere.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Comprehensive reporting to support funding.

Showcase the impact of volunteer programs with end-to-end reporting tools that effortlessly generate accurate insights into volunteer activities, time invested, and the dollar value of that time. comprehensive and accurate views of volunteer activity, time, and dollar value of time.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Automated admin tasks.

Streamline your workload by automating time-consuming tasks like bulk actions (vs. manual one-at-a-time changes), automating volunteer statuses, and utilizing RosterMode™ to quickly match volunteers with appropriate shifts.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Built-in liability waiver forms.

Easily enable the opportunity waiver template, add custom questions, and collect e-signatures.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Rostering engine for volunteer scheduling.

Bloomerang Volunteer is the only system with a best-match rostering engine that recommends positions based on attributes, availability, qualifications, and jobs and takes into account double bookings and other scheduling conflicts across opportunities.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Customized registration forms.

Start with a standard registration template and customize it to require the important information you need for your organization.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Customized workflows.

Streamline the sign-up process by configuring the workflow to guide volunteers through the necessary steps for each opportunity.

Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang Logo
Bloomerang support

Helpful & Human

Every Bloomerang customer has free access to chat and email with our Customer Support Team. We promise that any time you work with our team, you’ll always work with a real human employed by Bloomerang. We’ll keep working for you until your questions are answered.

  • The best part, though, is the support team. They are quick to respond and provide setup advice that is tailored to the client. I’ve never had an unanswered question.
    - Alicia H.
  • Even better, their support is second to none. Any question is addressed thoughtfully and quickly.
    - Michelle G.
  • I advise all of my clients to use the chat support feature; the support representatives are prompt and knowledgeable.
    - Adam L.

Live chat

Free live chat support is available directly in Bloomerang.


Get prompt email support for any question—big or small.


A real person is just a phone call away. Available as an add-on.

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