Why Bloomerang Exists

We believe in the value of life with a mission, and we applaud the choices nonprofit organizations make to improve the world.

We exist because they exist. We take great pleasure in creating tools and teaching principles that help passionate nonprofit organizations make smart decisions that are proven to help them reach out, grow and thrive.

The key indicator of a nonprofit’s chance of success is their donor retention rate. Retention is relationship, and everything we do is built to make it easier for nonprofits to build enduring relationships with people who share their vision. In a similar way, software solutions are only as good as how they’re adopted and utilized, so everything we build is focused on ease of use, clarity of purpose, and making the experience of using our product as rewarding as possible.

Core Purpose: to improve donor retention in the nonprofit world.

What Makes Us Tick

We’re experts in usability. We’re dedicated to simplicity. We’re driven by results. And we’re obsessed with the way a shared vision can build a culture, and add meaning to people’s lives. We are servant-hearted, but strong. We are smart, but kind. We are experts in technology, but know how to talk about it like regular humans. We love what a great solution can do, but we love what people can do even more.

Our Values

  • Philanthropy – adore the charity world
  • Simplicity – make technology easy
  • Honesty – transparent and fair
  • Community – every relationship matters

Strategic Vision: to be the world’s best developer and deliverer of tools and perspectives that generate value for nonprofit donor relationships.

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