Meet Susie Fugate – Customer Support Specialist at Bloomerang

Susie has spent 12 years working for companies that specialize in the nonprofit sector, including Master Software Corporation, Epsilon, and now Bloomerang. In between working for Master Software and Bloomerang, Susie took a 17 year hiatus to raise her two sons. During this time she gave back by volunteering at their schools and sports booster clubs, as well as teaching Sunday School for a few years.  

Most of Susie’s career has been in a Support role, and she’s truly come to love problem solving for our customers. At Bloomerang, she puts her nonprofit and customer service knowledge to good use by assisting nonprofits with database-related questions, and walking them through solutions in a friendly, professional, and consultative manner. She ensures that our nonprofit customers are using their data and the Bloomerang database in way that will help them increase their mission’s impact.

With two cats and two dogs, Susie loves cuddling up with her fur babies. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching movies, and playing golf.

Susie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Indiana University.  


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