Meet Jacob Baker – Account Executive Sales Manager at Bloomerang

Immediately before joining Bloomerang, Jacob, a Certified Nonprofit Professional from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, worked for Boy Scouts of America for several years. As the Program Director of Camp Krietenstein, District Executive, and Exploring Executive, Jake recruited over 80 youth in 3 new groups for Exploring programs, stewarded a team to cultivate 400 scouting stakeholders, and improved the net profit of an annual local awards dinner by 50%.

Now as an Account Executive Sales Manager with Bloomerang, he enjoys helping his Account Executive team show nonprofits how to utilize new software to increase their effectiveness and knowledge of fundraising best practices. In his free time he enjoys volunteering as an Alumni Officer for the Firecrafter Scouting Fraternity and spending time with his wife.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Sports Management with a Youth Leadership Concentration from Indiana State University.


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