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RIP Medical Debt

The Cure for Medical Debt

Our mission is to empower donors to forgive the billions in oppressive medical debt at pennies on the dollar.


RIP Medical Debt was looking for an integrated donor management system that could track and improve all of their donor communications. “I wanted an integrated system that tracked all donor communication,” said Scott Patton, Senior Consultant / Director of Development at RIP Medical Debt.

After seeing the Bloomerang solution at several nonprofit conferences, Scott knew the donor database would fit the bill for RIP Medical Debt’s technology needs at the best value.


With Bloomerang, Scott and the team at RIP Medical Debt had found an easy-to-use system that could help them create the reports they need to succeed at the snap of their fingers. “I like the ease of creating reports through filter tools. Much easier than some other CRMs.”

Finding a nonprofit CRM solution helped the team at RIP Medical Debt make big strides towards improving their productivity and the quality of their constituent communications. “Moving the organization into a CRM at all was the biggest benefit.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, RIP Medical Debt has seen improvements with several fundraising pain points. “We didn’t have a CRM before, so many pain points were relieved. Consolidation of data was most important.” Now, Scott and his team can benefit from positive changes to their donor retention and gift development processes. With Bloomerang they get “easy to segment communications and the ability to track who has received what.”

In addition, the team at RIP Medical Debt has benefited from Bloomerang’s knowledgeable customer support team and the time it’s saved them having product experts just a chat away. “The customer service is truly excellent through the online chat feature. They’re always very professional and helpful. Fast response too. I absolutely rely on that feature to quickly reach conclusions about how to do things.”

It’s amazing what an integrated, easy-to-use tool and the passionate people behind it can do for the growth of an organization such as RIP Medical Debt. “I would recommend it as a solid CRM choice among a very competitive field.”