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Gift of Performing Arts

Gift of Performing Arts’ mission is to instill Christian values and cultivate excellence using the performing arts.


Gift of Performing Arts was looking for a reliable and affordable donor management system that could help them easily track and use the vital donor data they need to succeed. According to Kimberly Jackson, Executive Director & Chair at Gift of Performing Arts, Inc., the challenges they were dealing with and the solutions they wanted a database to solve consisted of the “ability to track relationship engagement; financial contributions; draft reports and trends; capture multiple forms of communication for each donor; and pricing relative to existing donors.”


After seeing positive reviews online and realizing that a lot of other nonprofit organizations were seeing success by using Bloomerang, Kimberly and her team ultimately decided that it could also be the best solution for their donor record and reporting challenges. Kimberly was originally drawn to Bloomerang because it was “ranked highly in a review among sites she’s used and valued,” but she’s since come to appreciate that the database gives them “the ability to draft reports, view trends, and gauge donor engagement year over year.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, Gift of Performing Arts has alleviated several fundraising pain points by having better insights into their donor data and having a more holistic view of all their donors and touchpoints — making them better able to make informed fundraising decisions. Kimberly and her team love how simple it is to “view donor retention right on the home screen along with progress in giving campaigns,” and they’ve benefited from “management of gift acknowledgement letters.”

Kimberly and the team at Gift of Performing Arts have also benefited from increased productivity through better organized donor data. “[With Bloomerang we’ve seen] greater productivity because of more organized relationship data.”

All in all, it’s amazing what an insightful and donor-focused database can do for the growth of a performing arts organization such as Gift of Performing Arts. “It’s definitely a great relationship management database.