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Franke Tobey Jones - Senior Living Community

The care and service philosophy of Franke Tobey Jones has evolved from an institution that simply provided comfortable and attractive accommodations, good wholesome meals and basic infirmary services for the elderly, into a holistic center with a healthy and stimulating environment for residents and community members. This new way of life is based on the concept of wellness as an integrated system for promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Franke Tobey Jones remains dependent upon and indebted to, the community members that have made the growth of Franke Tobey Jones possible. Today Franke Tobey Jones remains a not-for-profit dedicated to enriching and extending the quality of life for seniors in our community. As a not-for-profit organization, we provide senior residential services, a supportive continuum of care, and innovative community outreach.


Franke Tobey Jones was looking for an affordable, intuitive donor management system that could get the job done and correct the issues they were having with a previous database. “Was looking for a friendly user interface, capability for website integration for online giving, email distribution, and ability to integrate wealth screening at a good value,” said Kelly Merry Director of Philanthropy at Franke Tobey Jones.


Kelly had finally found an easy-to-use donor management system that could help their small shop track donor activities better. Bloomerang has fit seamlessly into their donor retention and gift development processes. “It is has helped our small staff better track donor activities and has added to our communication methods through email and online functionality.”

Franke Tobey Jones was originally drawn to the fact that Bloomerang’s functionality could check all their boxes. “The fact that Bloomerang had all of the things I was looking for to correct issues with a previous database and that it fit into my budget were key selling points. They’ve also come to appreciate the knowledgeable customer support team and continual updates made to the software. “We are happy with Bloomerang and very much appreciate your customer-focused service. I have seen a lot of additions to the database since we have started using it that has improved our experience.


Since implementing Bloomerang several pain points have been alleviated for Kelly and her team. They’ve been able to use the reporting feature to set reasonable benchmarks for their organization. “We are still in process of setting benchmarks as our program has significantly changed since I entered the organization almost three years ago and we switched to Bloomerang a year or so into my tenure. The reports are easy to read so it is helping me create dashboards for key constituents and better determine long-term strategic plans for fundraising growth.”

The team at Franke Tobey Jones has benefited from increased productivity and better targeting since switching to Bloomerang They’ve also seen cost justification for their constituent communications. “We will be saving dollars on communications and we will be better able to segment, target and track prospect interaction with Bloomerang than we were able to do before.”

It’s amazing what an updated, user-friendly tool can do for the growth of an organization such as Franke Tobey Jones. “Great job on continual improvement and your friendly, knowledgeable, helpful customer service team.

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