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Chabad of Charlotte

Chabad of Charlotte exists to ensure the Jewish future of our community. Through authentic but loving educational and outreach programs, Chabad aims to touch and inspire every Jew in the Charlotte Metro Region.


Chabad of Charlotte was looking for easy-to-use donor management software that could help them organize and keep track of all their donors. We needed a solution that’s “not too difficult for our staff to utilize even when not tech-savvy” while also able to help us with “keeping track of all our donors, past and present, and having all the info in front of us easily accessible,” said Rabbi Shlomo Cohen, Director of Operations at Chabad of Charlotte.


The team at Chabad of Charlotte soon turned their eyes to Bloomerang to help them with their donor retention and gift development processes. Shlomo Cohen likes that Bloomerang makes it “easy to generate reports and figure out who to target.” Donor segmentation makes communicating with their constituents much easier.

In addition to their development efforts, Shlomo Cohen has really come to appreciate how easy Bloomerang is to use and how convenient it makes tracking, storing, and organizing donor data. “Having all the history documented” makes the team at Chabad of Charlottes’ lives easier.


Since implementing Bloomerang, Chabad of Charlotte has alleviated several fundraising pain points. Before Bloomerang, Shlomo Cohen and his team weren’t even able to look into a database to easily pull relevant donor information, especially before a donor meeting. Now, they no longer have “to call their bookkeeper to get donor history” information.

The team at Chabad of Charlotte has also seen improvements with productivity and the quality of their constituent communications. Not only does Shlomo Cohen “feel more productive” with Bloomerang, he’s also able to maximize donor meetings, even on the fly. He’s gained confidence in being “able to meet people on the fly and know what to ask them and what their history is” without needing to ask again.

All in all, it’s amazing what an easy-to-use, donor-focused database can do for the growth of an organization such as Chabad of Charlotte. “Good system — great start on getting your donor base organized.

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