Rebecca Bahar-Cook

About Rebecca Bahar-Cook

Rebecca Bahar-Cook is the CEO of Capitol Fundraising Associates. As such, she develops fundraising plans, recruits and researches new donors, executes fundraising events, develops direct mail programs including messaging, assists with the designing of solicitation materials, trains fundraising staff, works on board development, recruitment of fundraising committee members and organizes call-time programs. Bahar-Cook enjoys teaching groups fundraising best practices and has provided training sessions to many statewide nonprofits, associations and candidate training organizations on topics including Board Recruitment and Fundraising, Where to Find New Donors, Fundraising Success – What Works, Tried and New Fundraising Techniques, and Why Corporations Give.

Motivating Your Board to Ask Their Peers for Money May Be Easier Than You Think

Often, the biggest obstacle to board fundraising is their fear of failure. Unless fundraising is part of their day job, they probably do not understand what will happen once they open the door. They may worry any request will feel transactional because they do not understand donor cultivation and stewardship. [...]

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