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About Lisa M. Chmiola, M.S., CFRE

Lisa M. Chmiola, M.S., CFRE, has nearly 20 years in philanthropic development experience. She has served in major and planned giving roles in education (public and private) and religious institutions, following initial career experience in event-based philanthropy. An AFP Master Trainer since 2014, Lisa has presented at four AFP International Conferences, and a variety of AFP and other industry association regional conferences, chapter meetings, and webinars. She also serves as an adjunct instructor in Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. As Chief Fablanthropist for Fablanthropy (the intersection of fabulous and philanthropy), she is available for consulting, training, and speaking opportunities. Lisa also is an active volunteer, serving on the board of the AFP New Orleans chapter and the U.S. Government Relations committee for AFP International, a board member of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (and past president of the Houston chapter), a sustaining member of the Junior League, and a graduate of Leadership Houston. Additionally, she has co-authored several pieces for AFP’s Advancing Philanthropy magazine. Lisa is the proud mom of Ava, a Mini Schnauzer with her own social media presence (@avalynndog).

In Case of Emergency: Showing Consideration for Donors, Volunteers And Colleagues When Disaster Strikes

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s important to recognize when others are having a very different life experience than I am. I’ve also seen how this relates to times when donors, volunteers, and colleagues are dealing with a disaster in their region.  [...]

Funding Faith: Raising Money For Religion-Based Organizations

Giving to religion-based organizations often tops lists of philanthropic statistics. In fact, in the recent Giving USA 2020 report, donors gave more than $131 billion to religion-based organizations in the United States in 2020.  Nonprofit professionals working in this sector of philanthropy cite a strong belief in their organization’s mission [...]

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Donor Love, For Life: A Look at Planned Giving Stewardship

In uncertain times, organizations with a focus on both short and long-term revenue and resources experience less disruption of services. One way to ensure the longevity of your operation is to develop and execute a planned giving program for your organization. Giving USA reported 10% of 2019 giving in the [...]

Real-Life Examples of Finding Faith in Social Service to the Community

When you hear the phrase “faith-based fundraising,” you might immediately think of churches, congregations, and similar organizations. However, many social service nonprofits operate from a mission filled with faith, often representing collaboration among a variety of supporters, regardless of their particular religious affiliation. We spoke with several colleagues in these [...]

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How Do Charitable Gifts of Retirement Account Assets Typically Work?

When discussing legacy gifts, most assume the conversation is around bequests. Time and time again, surveys have shown that gifts given via a will are the most common planned gift vehicle. While nonprofits should absolutely be prepared to accept bequests from donors, professionals in these organizations should also be aware how [...]

Obstacles Ahead: Dealing with Objections to Planned Giving

Gift planning, planned giving, legacy gifts … no matter what terms your organization uses to define gifts received as part of an estate settlement, there’s often objections to planned giving and trepidation surrounding these. This may lead fundraisers to shy away from discussing the opportunity with donors.  However, this decision [...]

Now What? 5 Tips for Furloughed or Laid-Off Fundraisers

As generators of key revenue for nonprofits, fundraisers typically feel job security. There’s always more than enough work to be done, and the sense of juggling the work of what could be spread among two or three professionals may be overwhelming, but soothing in that your role feels critical. However, [...]

7 Self-Care Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

Prior to the pandemic, nonprofit professionals were often guilty of treating self-care as a low priority, with no thought for self-care tips. With many of us suddenly finding ourselves working from home earlier this year, additional challenges arose to taking care of oneself to be able to effectively serve others. [...]

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