About Gary Carr

Gary is the Principal at CSR Matters, LLC. With more than 20 years of experience delivering software and data solutions to a wide variety of clients, Gary turned his attention to the overwhelming problem of data.

Your 7-Step Donor Retention Data Checklist

It’s September. That means three things: fall, school, and football. Oh, and one more: planning for the most important fundraising activity of the year – your year-end appeal. Are you ready? Have you completed your Donor Retention Data Checklist? […]

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If Your Donor Data Isn’t Getting Better, It’s Getting Worse

Sounds like chaos theory, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, it’s true. As with every other industry today, nonprofits are dependent on good data to be successful. And donor data is at the top of the critical care list. The problem that every nonprofit faces, however, is that data degrades, and donor [...]

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