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Spreadsheets are free, but you’re leaving donations on the table. Unlock your nonprofit’s potential when you focus on relationships and fundraising growth.


Top reasons why nonprofits replace spreadsheets with Bloomerang

Spreadsheets are the basic, old-school tool of the nonprofit world. They’re great for things like simple lists, basic data organization, and crunching numbers, but they actually limit your ability to grow your nonprofit to its fullest potential. Bloomerang unlocks the potential of your data so you can use it to your advantage.

Customers who have switched from spreadsheets rave about the impact Bloomerang has had on their organization, so we’ve summarized their top reasons for you.

Get insights into donor engagement levels and their generosity scores with Bloomerang.

Efficiently track donors and manage relationships with ease.

Every interaction is neatly organized on a timeline, ensuring you have a clear view of each interaction so you can nurture every relationship. Whether it’s calls, donations, or volunteer hours, you’ll always have a clear view of constituent engagement and impact.

“Bloomerang incorporates the best practices of fundraising, donor loyalty and constituent engagement into a user-friendly platform that’s priced well for small and growing nonprofits.”

Claire Axelrad, Principal Clairification

Build custom reports in Bloomerang in seconds.

Can quickly pay for itself.

Bloomerang helps organizations raise more money with fewer resources and reduced administrative costs. It saves time by providing a snapshot of performance, streamlined data entry, simplified database maintenance, and reducing time-consuming tasks. If you’re spending more than 4-5 hours a month using spreadsheets, Bloomerang is the solution for you.

“Our online donations have skyrocketed. It was eye-opening how we could design and communicate with different groups in a few simple clicks”

Lindsay Walls, Director of Operations West Lafayette Schools Education Foundations

Bloomerang User Interface

Friendly for anyone to learn and use.

Super intuitive interface and free educational resources make it easy for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to learn, use, and maintain the software. Bloomerang is consistently rated #1 of the Top 20 Easiest To Use Nonprofit CRM Software by G2 reviewers.

“Key staff find it easy to use, therefore there is less training time and user-avoidance.”

Troy Salsbury, Director of Operations & Development Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia

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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

Customer Stories

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln was looking for a modern, innovative and adaptable donor database that could replace their older, basic system.

“Originally, I liked that Bloomerang was compatible with my website and how easy it is to use. But what continued to impress me was the training and webinars offered, not just on how to use the system but ways to be a better fundraiser! Plus, Bloomerang continues to evolve, take subscribers’ needs into consideration, and offer new products.”

Christina Zink, Development Director Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln

What makes Bloomerang the best Spreadsheets alternative?

See how much more your nonprofit will get when you switch from spreadsheets to using Bloomerang.

Feature Comparison


Easy to Track Donors and Manage Relationships

Simple data management and interaction tracking. Easy to create groups so you can send personalized communications, and targeted campaigns to the right group.


Tools that Focus on Fundraising Growth

Powerful features and educational resources that help organizations build strong, lasting relationships with their donors that lead to higher donations.


Friendly for anyone to learn and use

Friendly features, including a modern dashboard, intuitive constituent profiles, and drag-and-drop reporting, make it easy for anyone to use and manage without extensive training or technical expertise.


Built-in Wealth Insights – No Additional Cost

Understand donor giving potential with powerful wealth screening tools through our partnership with DonorSearch. Exclusive Generosity Score™ wealth screening on every constituent record.


Robust Donor Retention Tools

Automations include sentiment, engagement, giving trends, segmentation tools, surveys, recurring gift options and reporting. Identify potential major donors and those at risk.


Simple Drag & Drop Reporting

Quickly create unlimited custom reports, without technical expertise, programming skills, or special requests. Quickly schedule reports for automatic delivery.


Nightly Data Stewardship Updates – No Additional Cost

Individual constituents with US addresses are automatically updated every night with NCOA information through our partnership with TrueGivers.


Mobile App for iOS and Android

Take Bloomerang with you and stay connected to your mission wherever you go.


Free Educational Resources

Our free library of resources from nonprofit industry leaders including webinars, guides, templates and articles.


Responsive, Reliable Support

Support you can count on to resolve every question and concern with lightning-fast response time.


One platform, endless connections

Bloomerang provides greater data insights by connecting to your existing tools.

“We use almost all of the integrations. We import our Shopify and photographic print orders into Bloomerang through Zapier, segment and communicate by email through Mailchimp, and have GeoTargetly and Fundraise Up implemented on our site.”

Laurie McConnell Pacific Wild

Bloomerang support

Helpful & Human

Every Bloomerang customer has free access to chat and email with our Customer Support Team. We promise that any time you work with our team, you’ll always work with a real human employed by Bloomerang. We’ll keep working for you until your questions are answered.

  • The best part, though, is the support team. They are quick to respond and provide setup advice that is tailored to the client. I’ve never had an unanswered question.
    - Alicia H.
  • Even better, their support is second to none. Any question is addressed thoughtfully and quickly.
    - Michelle G.
  • I advise all of my clients to use the chat support feature; the support representatives are prompt and knowledgeable.
    - Adam L.

Live chat

Free live chat support is available directly in Bloomerang.


Get prompt email support for any question—big or small.


A real person is just a phone call away. Available as an add-on.

Trusted by more than 23,000 nonprofit organizations.

Top fundraising consultants recommend Bloomerang.

The donor database that thousands of nonprofits trust

Frequently Asked Questions

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