Raiser’s Edge NXT, the long-awaited update to Raiser’s Edge is finally here. While many consider NXT to simply be RE8, it’s important to understand what NXT truly is and how it can help you.

NXT sits on top of an existing Raiser’s Edge database, and pulls data from it. While NXT offers appealing data visualization, it isn’t a true stand-alone donor database. NXT is ideal if you have a significant amount of staff who need access to RE data, but aren’t comfortable or willing to log into the database.

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Raiser’s Edge NXT vs. Bloomerang



Raiser’s Edge NXT Pricing and Fees

How much does Raiser’s Edge NXT cost? Here’s the breakdown — you do the math.

With just 5,000 records and a whopping annual price of $11,988, you could easily spend over $30,000 for a three year contract with Raiser’s Edge NXT. Not to mention the additional expense of training, support, and modules for things like recurring and planned giving, volunteer tracking, prospect research, and etc.

On the other side of the aisle, all of Bloomerang’s pricing packages include unlimited users, full functionality, and free email/chat support — no extra charge or additional modules necessary. We take pride in the claim that no training is required to use Bloomerang. Our standard pricing package for up to 5,000 records is only $199/month, and we have an even better deal for all you small shops out there.

Click here to learn more about Bloomerang’s pricing and packages and see how our built-in functionality gives you exactly what you need in a donor database, without the extra cost.

Raiser’s Edge NXT vs. Bloomerang: See the difference for yourself

alternative to Raiser's Edge NXT

Raiser’s Edge NXT Constituent Summary

Raiser's Edge NXT alternative

Bloomerang Constituent Summary

Still not convinced? Hear from one nonprofit leader who made the switch

Common Raiser’s Edge NXT Customer Complaints

Raiser's Edge NXT vs. Bloomerang“Bloomerang works perfect for us. It’s user-friendly, inexpensive and continues to evolve with new features. And the support team and tutorials are a valuable resource,” said Katy Walsh, Director of Development and Communications at National Runaway Safeline.

“NRS had been using Raisers Edge for over a decade. The system was never a good fit for us… In addition, we subscribed to RE’s new product Nxt. We paid the large fee for two years and still couldn’t utilize the functionality promised. After database staff turnover (6 over 8 years) and an ineffective consultant, NRS was desperate for a change.”

See the rest of Katy’s story here >>

Bloomerang is an ideal Raiser’s Edge NXT alternative. It has a unique, modern interface that is clean, fresh, and very intuitive – allowing fundraisers to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively!

We take pride in the claim that no training is required to use Bloomerang.

Our customers use Bloomerang to manage their entire constituent ecosystem, including donors, volunteers, sponsors, grantees and more. Real-time retention and engagement metrics come standard, and our knowledgeable, local support team is here to help you every step of the way.

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