My blog post this week is a bit more laid back than normal, due to my recent back surgery. There is nothing like surgery and the resulting recuperation to make one pause recollect and reflect a bit. It is also just past our one year anniversary of the creation of Bloomerang, so reflection is natural!

After one year I feel stronger than ever about our team and our goal of creating a technology company focused on the long term for our wonderful customers, as well as bringing best practices to life. Let’s explore both of those.

Long Term Strategy Speaks Out

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on a program called Inside Indiana Business just last week.  Yes, between the interview, my surgery and all that was happening at Bloomerang in a normal week it was a rather busy one.

In the interview I refer to the annual returns seen by investors in venture capital funds over the last ten years versus the returns seen by the various stock market indexes:

Venture Capital Returns

Long Term Strategy Brings Customer Retention Principles to Life

This is part of the logic I shared with our team and investors when we set out to create Bloomerang. We wanted to build a culture focused on the long term, which in nearly every case means creating a solid long lasting infrastructure and team. We knew the rewards could be strong for our customers, our team and our investors with such a strategy. Many of you have seen all too often what happens when a tech company is being built to be sold rather than to be kept and nurtured for the long haul.

The end result of long term strategy mirrors the teachings of our own Chief Scientist Adrian Sargent on donor retention. Whenever we present all of Adrian’s methods for donor retention, our team and our customers now know we are implementing those same methods for customer retention and satisfaction. We think this is a long term win/win for everyone!

Ahern Audit in the Next Edition of Bloomerang Best Practices

Secondly, our latest installment of best practices is just about to come to life with our next release at the end of this month. This upcoming version will feature the “Ahern Audit.” This audit will bring to life even best practices for our customers in a manner never seen in fundraising software before. We will explore the exact details of this audit in a future blog post. You will not want to miss those details because our Donor Communications Head Coach Tom Ahern reviewed the details of the Ahern Audit and proclaimed it “absolutely perfect!”

Stay tuned!

Jay Love

Jay Love

Co-Founder & Chief Relationship Officer at Bloomerang
A 30+ veteran of the nonprofit software industry, Jay Love co-founded Bloomerang in 2012. Prior to Bloomerang, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of eTapestry for 11 years, which at the time was the leading SaaS technology company serving the charity sector. Jay and his team grew the company to more than 10,000 nonprofit clients, charting a decade of record growth. Prior to starting eTapestry, Jay served 14 years as President and CEO of Master Software Corporation. MSC provided a widely used family of database products for the non-profit sector called Fund-Master. He currently serves on the board of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University and is the past AFP Ethics Committee Chairman. Jay is also the author of Stay Together: How to Encourage a Lifetime of Donor Loyalty.