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Elevate St. Louis

Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community.


Elevate St. Louis was looking for easy-to-use donor management software that could make the daily rigors of start-up nonprofit work easier to manage and optimize. “When thinking about the right kind of donor management software, we had to think of our needs at the moment: easy to use, excellent technical support, access to a knowledge community, and a team dedicated to continuous improvement of the software and client support. Bloomerang was the easy choice,” said Frank Bell, Executive Director at Elevate St. Louis.


After getting a recommendation from their national organization, the team at Elevate St. Louis was happy to turn their eyes to Bloomerang as the donor database solution to fit their needs. “We appreciate the ease of use and the support we receive from Bloomerang to help us grow into its capabilities. We also love that Bloomerang is all about continuous innovation.

In addition to the amazing customer support Elevate St. Louis receives, they’ve also appreciated how well Bloomerang fits into their donor retention and gift development processes, and how easy it is to use and learn. “The immediate benefits we enjoy were ease of use by organization members with varying levels of knowledge of donor management software. We enjoy having the flexibility to design reports that are meaningful to our board and to our funders. Finally, Bloomerang helps us to capture vital donor information that helps us coordinate our donor cultivation and retention efforts.


Since implementing Bloomerang, Elevate St. Louis has alleviated several fundraising pain points, improved productivity, and empowered its development team and board members with data. “We were able to get real-time data to make important decisions on a moment’s notice. The greatest benefit was being able to track donor interactions and prevent multiple contacts and asks by different board members that leave donors confused and doubting our ability to manage their resources.”

Before Bloomerang, segmenting donors was a challenge for Frank and his team. Now, it’s a breeze. “Bloomerang has helped us segment our donors in a way that makes it easy for us to understand how to cultivate support in a way that seems natural to donors.”

The team at Elevate St. Louis has also seen improvements in productivity and the quality of their constituent communications. “Our resource development committee meetings now have the right data to drive planning and our finance committee has the right data to drive forecasting, budgeting and managing cash flows.”

All in all, it’s amazing what an easy-to-use, donor-focused database can do for the growth of an organization such as Elevate St. Louis. “Get Bloomerang and don’t look back.