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Donor Management Software Data Policies and Procedures Template

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Clear, concise data entry policies and procedures are critical to keeping your database clean and usable.

You can’t run a donor report by constituent type if information is not consistent. You can’t filter a report by a city, or a town if you’ve entered the full name of the city in one record and an abbreviated version in another record. And if multiple staff members are entering data into the database, it’s likely that the format of your data will be all over the map.

Documented and accessible data entry policies and procedures also protect you from staff turnover. Imagine if your database is managed by only one team member, and that team member were to suddenly leave the organization. Without a policy document, not only would you not know how things were done, but you can be sure that they would be done a different way by the next person, resulting in even messier data.

That’s why we teamed up with our friend Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, Principal of Development Consulting Solutions and a 25+ year expert in interim development staffing and consulting services to create this free Donor Management Software Data Policies and Procedures Template.

You can download this template and customize it for your organization’s unique way of doing things. Once complete, be sure to make it accessible to your whole team!

Download it for free here >>

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