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Why I Donated: Why I Gave $200 To Support Out Boulder County’s Fundraising Campaign

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This is a new series from Bloomerang called Why I Donated. In each post, one donor will share what inspired them to make a donation and why they donated to that specific nonprofit. Our hope is that this series will provide fundraisers with an even better understanding of what motivates people to donate to the causes they care about.

The Donor: In this post, we talk to Micah, a Communications Manager in Boulder, Colorado.

The Donation: $200

The Cause: LGBTQ advocacy and programming | See how Bloomerang supports LGBTQIA+ organizations

The Nonprofit: Out Boulder County

What inspired you to make a donation to Out Boulder County?

I really believe in the organization’s mission, and I have a personal connection to the work that they do as an LGBTQ person. 

Were you familiar with the organization before donating?

Yes. I had participated in the organization’s programming and volunteered at events before I donated.

Why did you donate $200 and how did you decide on the amount you donated?

I donated during a specific fundraising campaign to help the organization meet their fundraising goal. It was a one-time donation, but I have donated additional amounts since that first donation.

When you make a donation, what do you expect to happen next?

I expect some sort of acknowledgement from the organization. That’s really all. I’m usually just happy to support an organization doing work that I believe is important.

How did the nonprofit acknowledge the donation? How did you feel about that acknowledgement?

I received a handwritten thank you card two days after I made my donation with some examples of the work my donation would help to support. I have also received thank you emails immediately after making online donations for this organization and others in the past.

Do you intend to donate to the nonprofit again in the future?

Yes, I do. 

What would inspire you to make another donation to the nonprofit? What would inspire you to increase your donation amount?

A focused campaign usually helps to motivate me to actually give. 

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