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Being productive and saving time are two of my favorite things – right up there with delighting donors and helping make fundraiser’s jobs easier.

One of my favorite things to collect, next to drool-worthy fundraising examples, are timesaving fundraising tools.

I recently did a webinar with my fundraising friends Rachel Clemens from Mighty Citizen and social media expert Julia Campbell where we all shared our very favorite time-saving tools. We covered fundraising tools, email productivity hacks, even social media tools to better reach your audience.

Now that we live in a virtual world, we can on longer leverage events and in-person interactions to get our messages through and rehumanize our connection.

How can we show up in a way that engages our donors and helps us deepen our relationship with them? By leveraging technology to reach out personally!

A recent study from Bloomerang found that organizations that reached out to their supporters over the phone, in personal 1:1 emails, by text message and (virtual) in-person interactions had higher revenues than those who didn’t.

One of my favorite ways to inject the personal touch into an email is by using video. My go-to tool for video email is BombBomb, which makes it easy to build personal relationships through email.

I’ve been a loyal customer for over 5 years (and, just in case you were wondering, I don’t work for BombBomb or receive a payment if you sign up. I just value saving time as much as you do!).

BombBomb is all about using video messages to humanize your communication. They literally wrote the book Rehumanize Your Business all about how to use video email to improve the customer experience.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to read the book, you can literally hop right over here -> <- to learn more about using BombBomb with donors and even be sent your very own video email.

I love BombBomb for so many reasons.

First off, it’s super easy to use. I literally click a button in Gmail and poof – I can instantly make a video using my webcam directly in Gmail. It adds this animated gift and a big red play button. Your reader can’t help but click on that big red play button to watch.

Secondly, you save so much time. Truth be told, I’m a terrible typist. I save lots of time sending a video and not typing out an email. BombBomb lets you send your donor a real, authentic heartfelt message without suffering from writer’s block.

BombBomb integrates with your Gmail or Outlook account so you can record videos natively within your inbox. It plugs in automatically to your webcam, built-in computer camera, or even your mobile phone camera if you download their mobile app.

Video email lets you be face-to-face with the people who matter most to your organization.

It’s a sure-fire win to stand out. Think about it how often do you receive a video email, much less a personalized video email?

The very BEST part of using BombBomb is the notification. You can see – without the recipient knowing – if they opened your email. You can even set to notify you each time your recipient opens your email and/or watches your video.

C’mon, who doesn’t want to know if their message is getting through to their donors?

(And not in that creepy “read-receipt” Microsoft Outlook kind of way). 

Humane Society of Northeast Georgia video email

Watch this BombBomb thank you video email at

As if sending video email straight from your Gmail or outlook account wasn’t easy enough, they also will make you branded email stationery based on your organization’s homepage design, similar to your branded email stationery in your mail delivery program.

How much will this tool cost you? BombBomb is a $470/year with a 20% nonprofit discount. Sign up for a free two-week trial and start delighting your donors today. Bloomerang users can easily connect their accounts with Zapier!

Want more help from Rachel communicating with donors? Download Rachel’s new virtual guide to donor cultivation. You’ll get 5 technology tools to deepen donor relationships and 21 stewardship strategies to use now!

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  • Rachel Muir

    Hi there Gideon! I have been a Bomb Bomb customer for 4 years now and when I started their nonprofit plan was $470 a year (paid annually). It's the individual plus plan with a 20% discount. The $29 a month plan is definitely cheaper, I do not know what all is included in it but I recommend you ask them! You can do a free 2 week trial. Hope that helps!
  • Gidon Ariel

    I am guessing you use the Individual Plus plan. What is the most important part[s] of that that make it worth about 50% more than the simple BombBomb video plan?
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