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Data Shows The Effectiveness of Personal Outreach to Donors During COVID-19

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The personal touch works!

A random sampling of about 4,000 Bloomerang customers found that those who reached out to donors personally (phone, email, text, in-person) in March and April 2020 saw significant year over year increases in revenue compared to those who didn’t.

Those trends continued on in May 2020:

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  • Steven Shattuck

    By personal email, I mean you open up Outlook, Gmail, etc. type in one donor's email address, and write them an email :)
  • Steve Hubley

    Hi Steven. I have the same question about "personal emails" as Jeff asked. But I'm still unclear. By personal email do you mean there is highly personalized content beyond salutation or a last gift amt or date? Mass email have those.
  • Peter McKinley

    Hi, do you happen to have this broken down across verticals? thanks, Peter
  • Steven Shattuck

    Hi Jeff! 1) Yes, “personal emails” are distinct from mass emails. In other words, these users were sending one email to one unique recipient, not necessarily using Bloomerang. We have a feature where you can email a constituent in Bloomerang using Gmail, Outlook, etc. and BCC Bloomerang so that it gets logged on their profile - 2) Most of them are face-to-face meetings (especially in the first two weeks of March) - after that, things like Zoom calls, Facetime, Hangout video chats, etc. were logged as "face-to-face meetings" even though they were virtual.
  • Jeff Brooks

    Two clarifications would be helpful: 1. Are "personal emails" distinct from mass emails? Or is it the same thing? 2. Are "in-person interactions" literally face-to-face meetings, or does it include lockdown-appropriate forms of interaction? Thanks!
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