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5 Ways To Use The Text-to-Donate Feature To Reach Your Donors

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Text-to-Donate, also sometimes called Text-to-Give or text fundraising, is a tool that allows your nonprofit to receive donations by contacting individuals in your organization’s donor list via text message. It’s a convenient way to reach a vast number of donors, and so long as your organization’s donation form is mobile-friendly, this option simplifies mobile fundraising

Here are five ways you can use the Text-to-Donate feature to enhance your fundraising success. As you read this post, consider how your organization could further expand upon the functions and features available to you through Text-to-Donate tools.

1. Supporting a fundraising campaign

By using Text-to-Donate in your fundraising campaign, you’re offering your supporters an easy way to donate. When they land on your mobile-optimized form, they’ll know exactly what to do in order to make their donation, which increases the likelihood that they’ll complete the donation process.

2. Soliciting donations from event attendees

Whether you’re hosting a live event or one conducted via live stream, using Text-to-Donate can encourage attendees to make a donation in the moment. By showing that they’re attending your event, your supporters are signaling that they’re passionate about your cause. Give these supporters a way to donate during the event. This can help them feel like they’re making even more of an impact. 

3. Recognizing your supporters and their contributions

In addition to requesting and receiving donations via the Text-to-Donate feature, you can also use this tool to express your gratitude. Thanking donors for their help shows that you value their support and that their donation is being put to good use. 

4. Strengthening your donor relationships

We’ve discussed requesting funds, receiving donations, and giving thanks for donor contributions, but that’s not all that Text-to-Donate tools can do. To strengthen the relationship with your donors, you can send a text message that focuses on the donor instead of the donation. For example, you might want to send a happy birthday text or one wishing your donors a happy holiday. These simple gestures can make your supporters feel appreciated. 

5. Asking for support for a timely matter

If a disaster strikes or a major event affects the work you do, you might hesitate to ask for donations. That’s a natural impulse, but it’s one you should ignore. Give your donors the opportunity to support your cause during a difficult time. They’ll show up in ways that might surprise you. 

In addition to providing donors with a way to support your cause right after an event takes place, sending a text also removes the pressure to send staff members and volunteers into the community. Unless you’re confident that there’s no risk in them doing so, keep your employees at home or in the office and focus on digital fundraising methods. 

Don’t just think of this as an opportunity to ask for donations. This is also a great way to ask for volunteers or keep people updated on how your organization is responding to the event. 

In conclusion

Use tools like Text-to-Donate to cultivate relationships with the community you serve. By giving people an easy way to donate, you’re helping them support your cause, which will help your organization make an even bigger impact.

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