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Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island is committed to making sure every young person within the community has the tools and resources needed to reach their full potential as caring, responsible, and productive citizens.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island was looking for an easy-to-use donor database that could provide the tools they need to maintain and get the most out of their data. “We needed to utilize data better to inform our work. We also had a ‘dirty’ database for which much cleanup was needed,” said Jessica Null, Director of Philanthropy and Communications at Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island.


Jessica and her team looked at different solutions and ultimately found what they needed with Bloomerang. Jessica was impressed with how easy to use Bloomerang is, the quality of the trainings offered, and the responsiveness of the customer support team.

When it comes to data maintenance, she and her team quickly discovered that Bloomerang’s Database Health Check was exactly what they needed to clean up their “dirty” data. One of Bloomerang’s database consultants assessed their database and provided coaching and helpful recommendations for getting their data in order and increasing their fundraising potential.

A clean, organized database allows for nonprofits to operate more efficiently, save money, and ultimately fundraise better.


Since implementing Bloomerang, the team at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island has saved time and seen improvements in the quality of their data and tracking efforts. Jessica shared that initially they weren’t using Bloomerang to its full potential. However, after the Database Health Check they understood the steps they needed to take to clean up their data and the impact it would have on their ability to improve their fundraising efforts.

With a clean dataset, Jessica and her team are focusing on building donor relationships not sorting through “dirty” data. They are tracking donor interactions and engagement more consistently and taking advantage of all that the Bloomerang CRM has to offer.  Jessica said about their use of their Bloomerang database, “We use Bloomerang for all CRM functions, donation tracking, grant tracking, interaction tracking, etc. We hope to use it to drive a new major gift program.”

Since using Bloomerang, the team at Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island has seen improvements in data quality, the effectiveness of their fundraising, and most importantly, their donor retention rate. Jessica recommends it to other organizations who are considering making a switch. “Do it! It is so user-friendly and intuitive. I have used a lot of systems, and this is by far the best.”