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Why I Love the Nonprofit Sector

I recently was interviewed on Nonprofit Radio by Tony Martignetti. You can listen to the broadcast here. Although it is less than 30 minutes, we covered numerous key points on Donor Retention, Loyalty and Engagement. Tony asks great questions!

Nonprofit RadioOne of his final questions revolved around my continued involvement with this marvelous third sector and why I have been part of it for three decades. His question made me ponder why a bit longer after the interview was over. There are so many reasons, but a few more important ones kept coming back to me over and over. Among those thoughts were:

1. The close friends I have made who are fundraisers, consultants and executive directors.  There is not a city in this country and most of the world where I would ever have to eat a meal alone. We have been there to help each other in so many ways.  These folks have brought me back to serving this sector every time I had to be away for any reason.

2. The partners, employees and other vendors who serve this sector who have become friends, mentors and more.  From start-ups who became wildly successful to large enterprises where top quality people are sometimes hidden, we figured out how to truly help so many charities.

3. The notes, letters, email and social media messages from customers whose fundraising improved and whose missions we helped over the years. I have kept virtually all of them to cherish what a win/win partnership can bring.

4. The boards and committees ranging from AFP to The Center on Philanthropy to AHP to local non-profits to national non-profits who have honored me by asking me to serve. Every one of them enabled me to learn first-hand what giving back means and how fundraising truly works.

5. The recipients of all of the efforts and benefits from achieving the hundreds of thousands of non-profit organization missions I see daily.

I cannot even imagine a world without non-profits striving constantly to achieve every stated mission!

Just as much, I cherish being some small part of those millions of successes. I know most of you reading this feel exactly the same!

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