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Why I Donated: Why I Made A $20 Donation To The Trevor Project

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In this post, we talk to Becky, an editor in Buffalo, about why she donated $20 to The Trevor Project

The Cause: The Trevor Project offers suicide prevention and mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth. 

The Donation: $20

What inspired you to make a donation to The Trevor Project?

A friend was raising money for The Trevor Project in honor of her upcoming birthday. In hopes of celebrating her and a cause she felt connected to, I donated!

Were you familiar with the organization before donating?

Yes! I work for a mental health nonprofit and we point to and collaborate with The Trevor Project often. In addition, through friends, I am familiar with the work they are dedicated to. 

How did you decide on the amount you donated? Was it a recurring or one-time donation?

I made a one-time donation of $20 as it felt like a sufficient/substantial amount that could have an impact on my friend’s fundraiser and support the organization’s efforts while being mindful of my personal financial responsibilities. 

When you make a donation, what do you expect to happen next? Why?

I expect a confirmation of receipt, and perhaps an email from the organization further explaining what the funds will be used for/will help them accomplish. 

How did the nonprofit acknowledge the donation?

I received a confirmation/acknowledgment email that validated that the money I donated was going to a legitimate cause.

Do you intend to donate to the nonprofit again in the future?

I feel drawn to donating to smaller organizations rather than established ones, so I will probably seek out organizations with a similar cause/mission that are either starting out or don’t have a firm footing in the nonprofit world. 

What would inspire you to make another donation to the nonprofit? What would inspire you to increase your donation amount?

I think knowing that the communities the organization serves are in need of care would propel me to donate again and even increase the amount. Also, if another close friend presented a reason for raising money or asking for donations, I would certainly feel the desire to support their efforts. 

Is there anything you’d like to add that would help the nonprofit better understand why you donated or that would make you feel more valued?

I do believe that statistics are powerful and tangible ways of conveying why the cause matters and how the funds raised are going to benefit the communities the organization is working to care for. 

Also, testimony from individuals who have been positively impacted by the organization is always a heart-driven way of communicating the good things that can transpire from a donation or a collection of donations. 

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