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[NEW FEATURE] Donor Retention Wheel Click-Throughs

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Bloomerang’s core purpose has always been to improve donor retention in the nonprofit world. That’s why we put your current donor retention rate right on your dashboard so that it’s always top of mind.

Today, we’re releasing an enhanced version of the dashboard Donor Retention Wheel that will make it even easier to see a clear picture of your current donor retention situation.

Now, you’ll be able to quickly see which of your donors are retained, and which are not retained, with just a simple click of your mouse!

With these new Donor Retention Wheel Click-Throughs, there’s no need to run a separate report to see which donors are lapsed and which have been retained.

We’ve also fine-tuned the Donor Retention wheel calculations, and added the ability to customize the filters to exclude certain transactions or add soft credits, select rolling, fiscal, or calendar year.

Be sure to check out our full Help Documentation on this new feature for more ideas on how to utilize the donor retention wheel to its full potential!

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