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Maximizing Your Wealth Screening Data with Bloomerang

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Getting your wealth screening data back can be exciting – look at all those high-level prospects! Yet after the initial enthusiasm wears off, we often see clients with wealth screening data that languishes in an Excel spreadsheet, forgotten in the day to day business of fundraising. Since wealth screening data ages quickly, it’s important to maximize this investment as soon as possible.

Using wealth screening results in your current reporting is an efficient and straightforward way to leverage this data. For example, if you are pulling a list of records for an annual appeal, add giving capacity to the report. Those records with high capacity can be marked for a personal note or follow up. As new gifts are entered, check your wealth screening data in Bloomerang to see if additional cultivation or stewardship is warranted for high net worth donors. If you are a performing arts organization, add wealth screening data to your list of ticket buyers. You can leave a note inviting these prospects to a special event after the performance, or make sure to personally greet them in the lobby.

Adding the data to reports you already run allows you to enhance the work you’re currently doing as a fundraiser.  

Of course, before you can do this you need to import your wealth screening data into your Bloomerang database. While this might seem difficult or overwhelming, it can be quite easy if you follow these simple rules:

  1. Always include your Bloomerang ID# in your initial wealth screening data. This will make it much easier to import this data back into your Bloomerang database.
  2. Decide which pieces of data you would like to bring into Bloomerang. Chose the 3 – 4 fields that are most important (personally, I like giving capacity/foundation/largest gift/real estate value) and add them to Bloomerang as attributes.  
  3. Use your Bloomerang ID# to map your data into those attribute fields. This works best with a CSV you pull from the wealth screening software. A Bloomerang representative can walk you through this if you hit a snag.

Once the data is uploaded, make sure you add these fields to your reports.  

Making sure that your wealth screening data is incorporated into your Bloomerang database helps to ensure that you are using it in your day to day reporting. This small amount of work up front will greatly increase the ongoing value of the investment you have made.

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