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Build A Strong Nonprofit Board With These Essential Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, And Inclusion (DEAI) Resources

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If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll check out this free library of resources that are designed to help nonprofit professionals establish and champion diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusivity (DEAI) initiatives within their organizations. 

In this library, you’ll find: 

  • Essential DEAI Reading for Nonprofits
  • Sample Policies, Templates, and Tools
  • Webinars on Nonprofit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Podcasts
  • Peer Groups for People of Color in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Agencies Focusing on DEAI
  • Additional Curated Lists and Resources
  • For Event Organizers
  • Speaker Directory

Those resources cover a variety of topics, but we’ve recently heard from fundraisers that boards are on their minds. They want to know how to build them, how to get board members to engage in their nonprofit’s mission, how to empower those board members to fundraise effectively, and more. 

If this is something you’re thinking about in 2023, we hope these resources will support you and your team as you work to build the board your nonprofit deserves.   

Why Do Nonprofits Struggle with Diversity? – by Kishshana Palmer, CFRE and Bloomerang Board Member

How to Recruit and Retain Diverse Board Members – Terri Broussard Williams

5 Things Nonprofit Boards Can Do To Intentionally Lead On Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia

How to Build a Strong Nonprofit Board – Sabrina Walker Hernandez

Building A High-Performing Fundraising Team While Advancing Racial Justice – Valerie Harris

When It’s Time To Go: Firing Crummy Nonprofit Board Members – Christal M. Cherry

Reimagining the Nonprofit Board in the Throes of a Pandemic – JC Rivers

4 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money Without Making the Ask – Sabrina Walker Hernandez

Bold and Brazen Year-End Fundraising for Boards – Christal M. Cherry

Although we’re highlighting these resources at the beginning of Black History Month, you can find this page linked under the Resources tab in the header menu of our website every day of the year. We welcome suggestions and feedback and will update our site as we deepen our knowledge of these issues and become aware of new resources. You can reach our team at [email protected]

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