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21 Ways To Make Donors Your Valentine

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Memories of nearly 60 years of Valentine’s Days flood my mind every February. Back in elementary school, all of my classmates worked diligently to make each other feel special in some manner.

Perhaps a few of them are outstanding fundraisers today!

A term which certainly seems to apply to Valentine’s Day and our donors is: “Loverizing”

The word says it all!

So let’s use the wonderful traditions of special treatment emanating from the holiday for lovers, Valentine’s Day, to provide the backdrop for some special donor treatment actions.

We can all be “loverizing” our donors before you know it!

More importantly your donors will feel loved…

  1. Call them on the phone and tell them they are special
  2. Add a sincere handwritten P.S to their next thank you letter
  3. Drop by the donor’s office early some morning with their favorite morning beverage
  4. Ask them to breakfast or lunch to say thanks
  5. Invite them to a small dinner party with board members or other donors
  6. Send a handwritten note
  7. Send them tickets to their favorite cultural or sporting event
  8. Invite them to a special volunteer experience associated with your mission
  9. Send a thank you text
  10. Add a handwritten post it note to your next newsletter mailing
  11. Offer them a personal tour of your facility or some place where your mission is in action
  12. Make every appeal letter very personalized
  13. Arrange for a personal meeting with your CEO or Board Chairman
  14. Create a thank you video and either email or send it via social media
  15. Send a beautifully framed picture of them from your last event they were part of
  16. Send flowers with a note of thanks
  17. Invite them to join you at a local cultural or sporting event they would enjoy
  18. Send a picture with a note sharing the progress on the project they funded
  19. Offer to interview them for an upcoming newsletter article
  20. Honor them with an award from your organization
  21. Send them a birthday, holiday or Valentine’s Day card

By the way, I have been the donor recipient of every single on the actions listed above.

Did I feel loved?

Yes, in every single case I am still supporting the organization, who utilized one or more of these 21 methods!

What other methods have you used that you can share?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

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