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Jewish Fertility Foundation

The Jewish Fertility Foundation provides financial assistance, educational awareness, and emotional support to Atlanta Jewish families who have medical fertility challenges.


Jewish Fertility Foundation was looking for a powerful donor management system that could grow with them and help them get organized. “We grew fast as an organization and had to get organized with our donors and clients,” said Elana Frank, Executive Director and Founder at Jewish Fertility Foundation.

After doing some research for their first database and interviewing people who were using Bloomerang, Elana and her team knew they’d found an affordable solution that could grow with them.


Jewish Fertility Foundation had finally found an easy-to-learn donor database that could give them more insight into their donors. Collecting and reporting on different areas of fundraising is a breeze with Bloomerang. Elana and her team had found a solution that could help them easily pull up reports that they need for their “board, fundraising, and accounting.” Bloomerang is an evolving, versatile system for a nonprofit’s fundraising needs. “It is catered to not only our donors but board members, clients, and beyond.”

The people at Bloomerang practice what they preach and are knowledgeable about the product and fundraising. Bloomerang takes customer needs into account when building out the product roadmap every year. That versatility plus the experienced customer support staff were another reason why Bloomerang appealed to Elana over other options. “If I can’t figure something out, the customer service chat feature is a lifesaver. If I need something that doesn’t yet exist I know that it will soon.”


Jewish Fertility Foundation has seen several fundraising pain points be alleviated since implementing Bloomerang. One such benefit is that the team now has a better understanding of “who gave what previously and when through which of our contacts.” Plus tracking their constituents and their needs and attributes through reporting is a breeze and has positively impacted their donor retention rate.

At the end of the day, the Jewish Fertility Foundation has been able to fundraise more effectively and the results they’ve seen reflect that. “Before we started with Bloomerang we raised about $8,000 year one, year 2 we raised $38,000, and by year 3 we’re already at almost $180,000 and the year isn’t over.”

It’s amazing what a donor-centric tool built for fundraisers can do for the growth of foundations such as the Jewish Fertility Foundation. “I sure wouldn’t be able to track donations, cultivation, and thank yous without Bloomerang.”