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Goodell Gardens and Homestead

Goodell Gardens & Homestead is a non-profit public garden, arboretum, and community gathering space located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. The purpose of Goodell Gardens & Homestead is to create an education-oriented public garden and arboretum on the ~80-acre Goodell family farm by emulating the Goodell family’s passion for gardening and horticulture.


Goodell Gardens & Homestead was looking for an accessible, affordable, and intuitive donor management system that they could use on the go to keep donor records and information up to date. “We wanted to have something simple and accessible. We had cost in mind and were happy to find a reasonable price with Bloomerang.

The challenge was mainly the access for both myself and the Executive director. The list of members was ever-changing and we both wanted to remain in the loop and have updated material when it came to our members,” said Melissa Moreland, Visitor Services Coordinator at Goodell Gardens and Homestead.


Melissa was initially drawn to Bloomerang because of its affordability and ease of use, but they’ve since come to appreciate the addition of DonorSearch to their development arsenal, as well as Bloomerang’s robust reporting functionality. “The price was what drew us first. We also liked the way it was set up. We now have DonorSearch which is a nice feature.”

Melissa recommends Bloomerang as a reasonable option to keep all their member and donor data available and in one place. Growing nonprofits like theirs who don’t already have a membership database “should try Bloomerang” — it might be the right fit like it is for Goodell Gardens & Homestead.


Since implementing Bloomerang, Goodell Gardens & Homestead has alleviated several fundraising pain points through the reporting functionality, and in turn have increased their productivity and efficiency while getting some time back in their day. “The reports are something we easily can make without a lot of hassle.

Melissa and the team at Goodell Gardens & Homestead have found that Bloomerang fits nicely into their current gift development processes while enhancing what they already have working for them by having an all-in-one system that fits their needs.

It keeps everything together. Even people who aren’t members and want to buy tickets or donate money to us.”

The team at Goodell Gardens & Homestead has also seen improvements with the quality of their constituent communications through segmentation capabilities and streamlining their communication efficiency. “It’s easier to send emails to our constituents based on their needs and ours.”

All in all, it’s amazing what an easy-to-use, fundraising-focused database can do for the growth of an organization such as Goodell Gardens & Homestead.


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