The Nonprofit Wrap-Up – October 2017

Nonprofit Wrap Up

We wanted to share with you some nonprofit articles, opinions and resources that caught our eye in the month of October.

3 Steps to Gather Stories When You Don’t Have Cute Kids, Puppies, or People You Serve – “Your organization has no cute kids, puppies, or people that you regularly serve. But you keep hearing that you’re supposed to share those “mission moments” about real people to engage your community.”

How Nonprofit Communicators Can Measure Awareness – “It’s my least favorite goal for nonprofit communicators: Brand Awareness. Nevertheless, raising brand awareness is a top goal for many nonprofit communications departments”

Fundraisers: Stop being oil & water. Be gin & tonic instead – “Imagine this: You (a fundraiser) go into a meeting with marketing and they have a BIG IDEA. It’s a good one. And then they say, ‘You can fundraise with this, right?’

Audience Surveys FAQs – “Surveys can be a tool to help you assess what your audience knows so that you can develop a more strategic and directive communications strategy.”

14 Irritating Jargon Phrases, and Awesome New Clichés You Should Use Instead – “We’ve examined irritating jargon, but when all the rhubarb is harvested, there are still more. So here’s some more jargon, and new clichés to replace them with”

Expert Interviews from Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE:

[VIDEO] Why “For-Impact” Is Better Than “Non-Profit”

In this video, Amy Eisenstein sits down with Nick Fellers, co-founder of For Impact and President of The Suddes Group, to discuss the importance of focusing on the impact nonprofits make.
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[VIDEO] Using “Bright Spots” to Build Donor Relationships

In this video, Amy Eisenstein sits down with Kim Klein, an internationally known nonprofit trainer, speaker and author, to discuss how to build the best relationships with donors and learn from nonprofit Bright Spots.
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New from the experts at Bloomerang:

[FREE WEBINAR] Procrastinators Unite! Last-Minute Strategies for Year-End Giving

The end of November is not too late! Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE and James Anderson, CFRE will talk about key things to maximize your fundraising that you can still do now.
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[FREE DOWNLOAD] 12 Year-End Fundraising Checklists

This collection of checklists covers your most important tasks to assure the overall success of your annual year-end fundraising campaign. Use it as both your planning and follow-through guide!
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Can You Take This Survey If You’re In Nonprofit Leadership?

How do you behave as a leader? What is your preferred management style and how does this contribute to your success? Your thoughts are needed!
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13 Year-End Nonprofit Fundraising To-Do’s

It’s the end of the calendar year. This is the time when your annual fundraising goals will likely be met, surpassed or put onto life support. Because even if you operate on a fiscal year, now is the time when most people do most of their annual giving.
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The State of Donor Retention in One Image

If you have worked or been associated with a nonprofit that engages in fundraising, then seeing the number associated with the percentage of donors being retained from one year to the next being below 50% may not surprise you.
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Cody Lawson

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Cody is a Quality Assurance Analyst at Bloomerang.
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