For Nonprofits, More Donor Data = More Money

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As expectations increase for more sophisticated development strategies and tactics that win and keep donors engaged with organizations, donor data plays an increasingly influential role in the nonprofit landscape. The good news is that most nonprofits already have excellent record-keeping practices in place thanks to the integration of CRM and [...]

[VIDEO] Missionizing Your Year-End Fundraising Events

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In this webinar, Terry Axelrod will lead you through a step-by-step process for “missionizing” each of your events and designing a sustainable system of events that furthers your engagement of individual donors and grows major gifts. Full transcript: Steven: All right. Terry, I got one o'clock Eastern. Okay, if I [...]

Nonprofit Donor Retention: Problems and Solutions

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Everyone involved with you deserves your gratitude. After all, without them you’d have no purpose. The key to showing meaningful gratitude is to think specifically about what you’re grateful for. And this will be different, both for different segments of donors and even for specific individuals within those segments. You [...]

Why Retaining Your Nonprofit Staff Is Just As Important As Retaining Your Donors

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Hi Bloomerang readers! Guest blogger Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising here. I’m a nonprofit consultant in leadership and fundraising. For the last four years I’ve run two online conferences that Bloomerang has sponsored, The Fundraising Career Conference and the Nonprofit Leadership Summit. This means I’m a nonprofit worker advocate [...]

The Nonprofit Wrap-Up – October 2018

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We wanted to share with you some nonprofit articles, opinions and resources that caught our eye in the month of October. Top Facebook Blunders That Hurt Year-End Fundraising – “Now is the time to put all your resources into attracting and retaining as many donors as possible! Avoid these top [...]