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Bloomerang's New Look: A Refreshed Visual Identity and Other Exciting Updates

Learn more about our refreshed visual identity, mission, vision, and values.

When we created Bloomerang almost 10 years ago, our goal was to bring affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use fundraising tools to nonprofits because we saw that most organizations couldn’t afford the software they needed to make a bigger impact. Since then, we’ve worked every day to make sure that nonprofit professionals have the tools they need to change the world.

Today we have a team of nearly 300 employees. Each of us serves as another teammate in the cause for more than 13,000 nonprofit customers—incredible organizations that have raised billions of dollars to support their missions. We recently acquired another fundraiser-favorite software and received a growth investment that bolstered our ability to help nonprofits do even more good in the years to come.

So much has changed, but the things close to our heart have remained the same: We’re committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, we’re constantly innovating to keep up with our customers’ needs and with the world at large, and we’re working to make fundraising easier so that fundraisers can focus on their missions.

From the very beginning to today, we always come back to our customers and what we can do for them. So when we embarked last summer on the process of refreshing our brand, that was where we started. We asked them how Bloomerang supports the work they do, and over and over again, they shared sentiments like:

“It’s like having another full-time employee.”

“I feel like Bloomerang is a teammate in our cause.”

“Someone from Bloomerang is always there for us.”

It quickly became clear that our visual identity needed to reflect the heart of what we’re best at: sparking joy for our customers as we work alongside them.

A brand refresh involves more than just creating a new logo and using a new color palette. We also scrutinized our existing mission, vision, and values to see how we could better reflect the current needs of nonprofits and the challenges presented by the world today.

After much discussion and reflection, we’re proud to share these with you.

Our mission is to make fundraising easier, foster authentic donor relationships, and create thriving nonprofits.

Our vision is to empower fundraisers to do what they love and build a world inspired by giving.

Our values are:

  • Empathy. We lead by understanding those who change the world—our customers and each other—so we can imagine the best ways to change it together.
  • Innovation. We’re always looking for better solutions—for nonprofits and for ourselves.
  • Unity. By bringing our different skills and perspectives together, we create the conditions to achieve our mission and realize our vision.
  • Stewardship. We commit to being a multiplier of good with the funds entrusted to us.
  • Equity. We’re a team, and we recognize that each of us needs different things to reach our full potential and feel like we belong.
  • Transparency. We live these values and learn from setbacks by being open and honest in everything we do.

We hope unveiling this new visual identity and renewing our commitment to what matters reminds you that we’re here for you—to spark joy, to work alongside you as a teammate in your cause, and to help you change the world.

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  • Karen

    Your customer support team is amazing! Always patient and pleasant. There are days I reach out more than I like to admit and they never make me feel like I don't know what I am doing. The webinars and online training are wonderful as well.
  • Kris

    You really do have the best customer service and support! I'm so grateful for the help I receive when I need it and for the kindness and good cheer of every Bloomerang team member that I've "met" through webinars and online trainings, requests for support, and the conversion from my previous database.
  • Lynda Crossan

    Hiring Bloomerang was the best thing we have done. It makes things so easy. I literally walk around our facility saying how much I love Bloomerang every day.
  • Craig Morris

    Too many times I've subscribed to an SaaS and then when I have a problem or make a request, either I'm blamed for incompetence or told "that's just the way it is." However, Bloomerang DOES show empathy for their customers and welcomes feedback and an exchange of ideas. Thank you for that.
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