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1 Thing Fundraisers Can Do To Get Through COVID-19

If you are like most people right now, you are stuck at home. Whether or not you have work, you are probably wondering when this is going to end. What the next stage will look like. Thinking about your past. Thinking about your present. Thinking about your future. What we [...]

How to Build a Strong Nonprofit Board

Board performance is a critical ingredient in a nonprofit organizationā€™s ability to achieve impact.Ā  After 25 years in the nonprofit sector, I have learned that aĀ nonprofit boardĀ is only as strong as theĀ education and direction that they receive.Ā  Without a strong board of directors, the executive director and staff are expected [...]

“The Virus Made Us Do It” – Avoid These 5 Myths to Succeed with Organizational Change

Whether your organizationā€™s work life has been stay-at-home and online or essential workers taking temperatures with protective gear, or a mix of both, COVID-19 has brought change and thereā€™s no end in sight to making adjustments as we gradually return.Ā Ā  How should nonprofits manage their COVID-19 changes? How can they [...]

Change Isn’t Constant, It’s Required

"The only constant is change." How clichĆ© and how true! Everyone and everything encounter change. Nonprofits experience this regularly with turnover on their Board of Directors, new executive leadership, collaborations and partnershipsā€¦and during a global pandemic. While some changes come with plenty of planning and strategy, not every time offers [...]

Why You Need Culture of Philanthropy as a Management System

I once had a boss who insisted employee morale didnā€™t matter. She even sent me articles from Harvard Business Review purporting to prove this (if you read them closely, they didnā€™t).Ā  Her insistence on this was directly related to her management style.Ā  Top down.Ā  Holding information close to the vest.Ā  [...]

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[ASK AN EXPERT] Tips for EDs Hiring Their First Fundraiser

Our Ask An Expert series features real questions answered by Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE, our very own Fundraising Coach, also known as Charity Clairity. Today's question comes from an executive director who is looking for advice on hiring their first development staff member. Dear Charity Clairity, Iā€™m an executive director [...]

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No Really, What is a ā€˜Donor-Centric Cultureā€™?

A donor-centric culture is the essence of a highly effective nonprofit organization, driving its operations and fundraising. Donor-centricity is more than an industry buzzword, itā€™s a way of being, a way of operating. But what exactly is a donor-centric culture and how can your organization develop it? Simply stated, a [...]

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