Disaster Fundraising

In Case of Emergency: Showing Consideration for Donors, Volunteers And Colleagues When Disaster Strikes

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s important to recognize when others are having a very different life experience than I am. I’ve also seen how this relates to times when donors, volunteers, and colleagues are dealing with a disaster in their region.  [...]

Don’t Stop Fundraising Because You Worry Donors are Tapped Out

Get out there and ask -- don't stop fundraising! Some nonprofits I’ve talked to have told me they’re toning down their year-end campaign this year. Maybe it’s because… they’re short staffed due to pandemic-related lay-offs.  they’ve cut back on their programming and don’t feel ‘worthy’ of making a philanthropic ask [...]

Ethics and Fundraising During a Pandemic

October is the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Ethics Month, so let’s talk about something most of our organizations have been doing even more frequently during the pandemic (or crisis, or election, or natural disaster, etc.) and why it’s an ethical issue: making decisions for our donors by neglecting to ask [...]

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Mid-Pandemic Fundraising Strategies Checklist: 13 Items to Move off the Back Burner

What you don’t do right now will come back to bite you in the butt. Because you exist within a fast-moving, competitive environment. If you’re not actively cooking things up you’ll have little nourishment to offer. So, whatever is on your back burner, move it to the forefront and get [...]

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3 Strategies to Successfully Fundraise Mid-Pandemic

All the best strategies you’re innovating now, and having success with, should be continued as you fundraise mid-pandemic. This is your pandemic silver lining! It’s taken this quarantine crisis for some nonprofits to do what they should have done before. Stop looking for bad news and reasons to not fundraise [...]

5 Action Strategies to Supercharge Crisis Fundraising Success

Now is a time to communicate more, not less, to sustain and build mutually beneficial relationships with constituents. People feel isolated and frustrated about the fact they aren't having the impact they used to have, in business or their community. You can help alleviate their exasperation! Right now is still the [...]

Crisis of Confidence: Your Nonprofit’s Worst Fundraising Enemy

If you’re going dark on your donors right now out of fear – real, misplaced or some combination thereof – you’re doing everyone a disservice. Your organization, and all those who rely on your continued existence, will be left in the lurch without donor support.  I mean it! Donors don’t [...]

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