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Steve Reed is Chairman and CEO of Marketing Partners, Inc., a business improvement and marketing services organization formed in 1983. He is also president of its Performance Advantage subsidiary which specializes in business process and organizational performance improvement. He is also founding partner of the Fundraising Performance Institute.

How Lean Six Sigma Principles Help Create High-Performance Major Gift Processes

Unless you are running a national or international charity with a huge and highly sophisticated direct marketing program, chances are your major gifts program offers you the most leverage for fundraising success. But high-performance major gifts fundraising requires processes that are highly effective and eliminate wasted effort. Here are a [...]

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10 Fundraising Problems Hope Won’t Cure

Hope appears to be a popular strategy for fundraising. A confidential study we conducted within five major nationwide faith-based health systems revealed that chief executive officers believe, on average, that they are raising half or less of the money they should be able to raise. […]

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