A few months ago I participated in a local blood drive through the American Red Cross. I honestly haven’t done this very often, so I was excited to participate.

My time giving blood was pretty standard, but the way the Red Cross followed up with me has left a lasting (positive!) impression.

First, they sent me a thank you email a few days after the drive with an email subject of “You Made a Difference!” It was short and to the point, but communicated very well that they appreciated my time and effort to donate.

Secondly, they followed up with an even more powerful email about a week later:

Wait … they know exactly where my pint of blood was going? How cool is that?

A real person at a real hospital here in Indiana was given my blood.

Isn’t this a more powerful message than a generic thank you?

For most nonprofits, you may not be dealing with donations of blood, but you’re certainly communicating with donors and volunteers who give their resources and time.

How are you thanking them for their efforts to fund and advance your mission? Are you giving them a specific story of the impact their gift has made?

In my case, I am certainly more likely to donate again now that I see specifically how my donation was used.

What about your donors? Will they want to give another gift because of the powerful impact their gift has made?

Follow the example of the Red Cross and give your donors a specific and tangible story of the impact their gift has made.

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Mitch Peterson

Mitch Peterson

Senior Account Executive at Bloomerang
Mitch Peterson is a Senior Account Executive at Bloomerang. He was previously Director of Marketing at Sports World Ministries, Inc.