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5 Ways to Manage Volunteers During an Event

5 Ways to Manage Volunteers During an Event
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When it comes to managing your event volunteers, communication is key. In today’s fast-paced digital world, you need to manage your volunteers efficiently during an event with up-to-date technology. Here are five ways to manage volunteers during an event which are both efficient and cost-effective.

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1. Ditch the walkie-talkies.

Instead, use text-based communications. Your hands will be freed up while you and your entire event staff access all event communications through an app on your cell phones. Besides, it will be one less item to keep track of on your busy day and you’ll avoid those frustrating times when someone misplaces their walkie-talkie.

2. Use broadcast messaging.

Instead of sending out the same message multiple times to each of your volunteers, with broadcast messaging you’ll send a single text once to multiple recipients. Your volunteers will be able to access the message immediately on their mobile phones — and you’ll be on to the next task before they finish reading it.

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3. Track volunteer attendance, check-ins, and shifts worked.

Rather than having volunteers record their hours on a time-sheet or clock in on a separate device, track volunteer schedules and work movements online through one device. It’s more efficient, and keeps your processes paperless.

4. Make volunteer information easy to access.

With an app like Bloomerang Volunteer, volunteers can see their upcoming shift details. They’ll find the role assignment, the location, and the time they need to show up. With all this information within reach, your volunteers are more likely to be ready for their shifts — and less likely to skip.

5.  Implement a chain of command.

Finally, post the list of managers and supervisors, including the areas that they cover during the event. That way, volunteers can reach out to the appropriate team leader instead of flooding one or two individuals with all their questions. This strategy keeps the head event coordinator from feeling over-stretched and bogged down with minor issues which are handled well by others.

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