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Bloomerang is the ideal Salsa CRM alternative.

When comparing Bloomerang vs. Salsa CRM, it’s clear that Bloomerang is the only true donor management software of the two. Salsa CRM was originally built for advocacy campaigns and tacked on fundraising tools down the line. Meanwhile, Bloomerang was built by nonprofit fundraising professionals for fundraisers.

Bloomerang vs. Salsa CRM Comparison

Bloomerang vs. Salsa CRM

Customers who switched from Salsa CRM to Bloomerang have access to all of the same great features at a fraction of the price. Plus, they receive world-class customer support with this Salsa CRM alternative.


Modern and intuitive user interface

All features come standard

Free group training & chat support

Easy relationships tracking tools

Bloomerang Payments includes EFT/ACH as an option

Reporting is intuitive and easy-to-use

$119 /month

Salsa CRM

Outdated user interface

Additional fees for add-on packages & extra functionality

Additional fee for recommended training

Difficult to track relationships (soft credits)

Allowing ACH transactions on forms is an add-on feature

Reporting is clunky and difficult to use

$214 /month

Bloomerang vs. Salsa CRM Comparison

Bloomerang vs. Salsa CRM: See the difference.

Bloomerang's constituent summary allows for nonprofits to see important metrics on their donors.

Bloomerang Constituent Summary

In a comparison of Bloomerang vs. Salsa CRM, you can see that the Salsa interface is more outdated and complex.

Salsa CRM Constituent Summary

Switching to Bloomerang

See why this fundraiser switched to Bloomerang, the ideal Salsa CRM alternative.

Bloomerang makes their customers smile like this man who is surrounded by leaves.

Frederick Marx, Filmmaker for Warrior Films, became frustrated with the persistent problems he experienced with Salsa CRM’s features and lack of support from their customer service team.

“The software is completely unintuitive. Nothing makes logical sense. The service is hardly better. It’s very difficult to get a live person on the phone.”

Frederick Marx

After Frederick Marx switched to Bloomerang, he found the software was easy to use and the customer support was unmatched.

Our customers use Bloomerang to manage their entire supporter ecosystem, including donors, volunteers, sponsors, grantees, and more. You’ll also be able to view real-time retention and engagement metrics. And if you have any questions about using Bloomerang, you can chat or call our local support team at no cost. 

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Bloomerang support

Learn more about our world-class support.

The more comfortable you are using your software, the more successful you’ll be  That’s why our support team is here when you need them.  And the best part is that you can contact them via chat and phone for free. 

A few years ago, one of our wonderful customers described our Customer Support Team as “both helpful and human,” and our team has taken that motto to heart. Whether you have a question about using Bloomerang or want to know how you can save more time accomplishing tasks that move your mission forward, our local support team will work with you until all of your questions are answered.

See what other fundraisers like you have to say about our world-class support.

  • “The best part, though, is the support team. They are quick to respond and provide setup advice that is tailored to the client. I’ve never had an unanswered question.” Alicia H.

  • “Even better, their support is second to none. Any question is addressed thoughtfully and quickly. And, every single person I have interacted with has been friendly.” Michelle G.

  • “Bloomerang’s support features are unmatched among peer service providers. I advise all of my clients to use the chat support feature; the support representatives are prompt and knowledgeable.” Adam L.

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