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Bloomerang is the ideal Little Green Light alternative.

While Little Green Light is an affordable entry-level system for small nonprofits, you’ll find Bloomerang to be more powerful and a significant upgrade from Little Green Light. And because Bloomerang is built with nonprofits of all sizes in mind, there’s no reason to wait to make the switch. Switch to Bloomerang and make a bigger impact today.

Bloomerang vs. Little Green Light Comparison

Bloomerang vs. Little Green Light

With Little Green Light, you get what you pay for—which isn’t enough for most nonprofits. The software offers limited functionality engagement and analytic tools. It also doesn’t have a mobile app or phone support. It’s also likely that you’ll need to purchase additional software to fill in the gaps, which means the cost of using the software is ultimately higher than it seems. 

When you compare Little Green Light vs. Bloomerang, you’ll find greater functionality in Bloomerang’s system. Although Bloomerang’s starting price is slightly more expensive, you’ll get all of the donor database features you know and love. You won’t need to spend more for additional products or integrations for email marketing tools, wealth screening tools, data stewardship features, advanced analytics, and more. Because Bloomerang has all of the tools you need in one place for successful donor segmentation and communication, you’ll be set up to raise more funds than ever before.


Everything you need in a single platform

Dedicated iOS mobile app

Customers can add phone support to their package

Nightly NCOA included for all Standard and Grow+TG customers

Dedicated donor engagement insights, donor surveys, and more

In-house conversion team available to guide you through initial data migration process

Little Green Light

Limited functionality

No mobile app

No phone support option

Additional fee for NCOA

Limited donor analytics and engagement tools

Initial migration to database is self-guided or requires an external consultant

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You have important work to do, which means you need a software solution that can keep up.

Bloomerang makes their customers smile like this man who is surrounded by leaves.

“I used Little Green Light with a small donor database. Now that I work for an organization with a much larger database, I don’t know how Little Green Light would perform since I never used it to a high capacity of donors.”

Bloomerang Customer

Customers who switch to Bloomerang, the best Little Green Light alternative, are thrilled to have more features to help them fundraise.

“When we called to discuss BASIC development reports such as a tracker of where we are now vs. at this point last year, they said, 'Maybe you need something a little more sophisticated.' It is not sophisticated; it is basic.”

Bloomerang Customer

Our customers use Bloomerang, the best Little Green Light alternative, to manage their entire supporter ecosystem, including donors, volunteers, sponsors, grantees, and more. You’ll also be able to view real-time retention and engagement metrics. And if you have any questions about using Bloomerang, you can chat or call our local support team at no cost. 

See more customer success stories here.

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Bloomerang support

Learn more about our world-class support.

The more comfortable you are using your software, the more successful you’ll be  That’s why our support team is here when you need them.  And the best part is that you can contact them via chat and phone for free. 

A few years ago, one of our wonderful customers described our Customer Support Team as “both helpful and human,” and our team has taken that motto to heart. Whether you have a question about using Bloomerang or want to know how you can save more time accomplishing tasks that move your mission forward, our local support team will work with you until all of your questions are answered.

See what other fundraisers like you have to say about our world-class support.

  • “The best part, though, is the support team. They are quick to respond and provide setup advice that is tailored to the client. I’ve never had an unanswered question.” Alicia H.

  • “Even better, their support is second to none. Any question is addressed thoughtfully and quickly. And, every single person I have interacted with has been friendly.” Michelle G.

  • “Bloomerang’s support features are unmatched among peer service providers. I advise all of my clients to use the chat support feature; the support representatives are prompt and knowledgeable.” Adam L.

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