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Conducting an Effective Nonprofit Feasibility Study: 5 Top Strategies

“By failing to prepare, you are planning to fail” -Benjamin Franklin Planning is an important aspect of any nonprofit staff member’s daily workflow. Without an effective plan in place, as Benjamin Franklin stated frankly, you’re preparing for failure. As you start considering larger campaigns and projects, planning for success becomes [...]

Feasibility Study Services – Nonprofit Consultant Directory – Bloomerang

Below are some trusted consultants that can help with feasibility study services for your nonprofit.    *Jessica White Associates By providing counsel to nonprofit organizations, Jessica White Associates helps its clients energize fundraising efforts and enhance organizational effectiveness. With more than 32 years of experience in all facets of [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Survive Nonprofit Founder’s Syndrome

In this webinar, you'll get Rachel Muir’s 12 step program to survive Founder’s Syndrome with individual formulas and special care instructions for founders, board members, and the new incoming Executive Director. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Rachel, my watch just struck 1:00. Is it okay if I go ahead and [...]

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[VIDEO] How To Build Fundraising Capacity

In this webinar, Victoria Dietz will explain how fundraisers can manage their time, set realistic goals and focus on building meaningful donor relationships. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Victoria. Is it okay if I go ahead and get this party started officially? Victoria: Sounds great. Steven: All right, awesome. Well, [...]

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Nonprofit Events Consultants – Nonprofit Consultant Directory – Bloomerang

Below are some of the nonprofit events consultants that we know and trust.    *Lynne Wester Lynne Wester, widely known for her Donor Relations Guru blog and website, has quickly become the leading resource for creating donor-focused fund raising strategies. Services Offered Strategy, Assessment, Coaching, Events, Facilitation, Training Location(s) [...]

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