Bloomerang understands the unique fundraising challenges of environmental advocacy organizations. Whether you’re a conservation society, club, federation, alliance or institute, rest assured that Bloomerang will be the last donor database solution you’ll ever need. You concentrate on protecting this pale blue dot; we’ll handle the rest.

Below are just a few thoughts and success stories from organizations just like yours.

Wood River Land Trust aspires to protect and restore land, water and wildlife habitat in the Wood River Valley and its surrounding areas by working cooperatively with private landowners and local communities.

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Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA) is a non-profit, statewide organization of individuals dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of Indiana’s native forests. We are volunteers and full-time staff working to protect and restore Indiana’s forests.

IFA serves citizens, organizations, landowners and communities with a wide range of interests in Indiana’s forests. We provide accurate information to the people of Indiana to involve them in efforts to protect Indiana’s forests and ensure their opportunities for input into decision-making that affects forests. We speak out for the native animals, plants and other creatures who survive in Indiana’s forests and cannot speak for themselves.


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