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Allegheny County Bar Foundation

The Allegheny County Bar Foundation is an organization of legal professionals committed to serving its members by: providing education, advocacy and professional services; promoting equality and diversity among its membership; fostering collegiality; advancing the public image of the profession and the highest standards of professional ethics; supporting and advocating for a fair and effective judicial system that is accessible to every individual regardless of economic status; and exercising leadership on a local, state, and national level so as to further these goals.


Allegheny County Bar Foundation was looking to make the switch from a combination of Excel spreadsheets and a membership database to a donor-focused solution. “We were trying to use the Bar Association’s membership database which was not set-up to handle donor tracking and fundraising campaigns and events. Our pledge programs were tracked on Excel sheets,” said Lorrie Albert, Associate Executive Director at Allegheny County Bar Foundation.


The team at Allegheny County Bar Foundation had finally found an intuitive donor management system that could fit seamlessly into their donor retention and gift development processes. “The system is just right for what we want to accomplish. We can track and target donors, blast emails, create newsletters, registration processes, etc.”

Lorrie and her team were originally drawn to Bloomerang’s affordability and donor-focused functionality. “It is night and day from our old system. With the focus on donors, it makes everyone’s life easier. Price point is just right.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, Allegheny Bar Foundation has already seen several improvements in the quality of their constituent communications. “We can now send instant receipts and thank you emails for donations, blast email communications in pieces so they don’t end up in spam folders, and design email templates that look amazing.” They’ve also benefited from improvements to productivity since Bloomerang’s focus on donors makes everyone’s jobs easier.

Lorrie has been so happy with Bloomerang, that she’s already recommended it to several other bar foundations. “I am a big fan!

It’s amazing what a donor-focused, integrated tool can do for the growth of an organization such as Allegheny County Bar Foundation.