Webinar: Building A Storytelling Culture

Webinar: Building A Storytelling Culture2017-06-10T17:47:25-04:00

This presentation will be recorded for future viewing.


When: Thursday, March 19th, 2015 – 1pm-2pm Eastern

Stories are the lifeblood of fundraising. Whether in letters, emails, the web or in-person, donors are motivated by the stories that prove your mission. But what kinds of stories work best? And how do you find them? Once located, how do you build a system to archive them for ready access? And an even bigger challenge for some organizations, is getting the cooperation of program side team members who run across great, mission-related stories all the time but who are not tuned into your needs as a fundraiser.

With “Building A Storytelling Culture,” Advocace Vice President Jerry Grimes has created a short, to-the-point workshop to answer these questions and more.

Learning Objectives: to learn the value of stories and how to identify, refine and archive them so they will generate results in your fundraising.

Time will be given for a lively Q&A session.

About the presenter:

Jerry Grimes is on a one man mission to inspire more people to support the ministries and causes that are making the world a better place to live.

As Vice President for one of America’s fastest growing fundraising consultancies, Jerry travels more than 100 days a year speaking, coaching, training and helping organizations develop sustainable income from donors. He writes a blog that’s regularly read by more than 500 of the nation’s top ministry leaders called “The Development Evangelist.”

A local NBC television executive for 20 years, Jerry made a mid-career switch to ministry, earning a master’s degree in Leadership, Evangelism and Discipleship from Columbia Biblical Seminary. He is ordained in the Independent Christian Church movement, and has helped plant two churches.

He has served as a pastor, university fundraiser and executive director of a non-profit organization. Jerry has many passions, but chief among them is his Christian faith. He regularly volunteers to help organizations addressing youth issues and homelessness.

When he’s not on an airplane or working with a non-profit somewhere in the US, Jerry can be found in his home office near Columbia, South Carolina or as close as possible to a good plate of barbecue. Jerry and his wife of 32 years, Lisa, have four grown children and one grandson.