Donor Engagement Surveys, from Bloomerang

You know who your donors are.

But do you know how they feel about you?

Research from Dr. Adrian Sargeant tells us that surveying donors regularly is a key component to interpreting and improving your donor retention rates.

That’s why we’ve given Bloomerang users the ability to automatically send email surveys to donors that measure satisfaction, commitment, intimacy, and trust of your organization — all without the need for additional software.

Read on to see how.

Insights from the constituencies who matter the most

There’s no limit to the types of donors that you can survey. However, we focus our survey tool on new, existing and lapsed donors. Why?

Only about 1/3rd of first-time donors make a second gift. Taking their temperature immediately after becoming a donor is the first step towards building a lifelong relationship.

Lapsed donors (those who haven’t given in 12 months) have a recapture rate of only around 5%. Surveys shed light on why they’ve stopped giving, allowing you to adjust your efforts if needed.

Even though retention rates are higher for repeat donors (low 60%s) it’s important to survey your active donor pool to see if you might have retention issues down the road.

Survey questions backed by science, not opinion

We’ve partnered with world-renowned donor retention expert, Dr. Adrian Sargeant, to craft surveys that draw upon his decades of research into donor loyalty.

This takes the guesswork out of knowing what questions to ask that will give you useful insights, without leading or alienating your supporters.

Surveys to new and existing donors consist of questions measuring satisfaction, commitment, trust and intimacy with the organization.

The lapsed donor survey seeks to understand why the donor stopped giving.

In his 2005 study with Elaine Jay entitled “Redefining Commitment,” Sargeant surveyed 5,800 donors and found that:

“…a donor’s level of commitment can be inferred through gathering information on attitudes, and (in the case of multiple engagement) through an analysis of behaviour. The primary determinant of loyalty is active commitment. Donors expressing a high level of active commitment are significantly more likely to be loyal to the organization.

Donors who share the beliefs of the charity and express higher levels of satisfaction with the quality of service provided to them are significantly more likely to express higher levels of active commitment. Similarly, multiple engagements, trust, learning and personal link all have a role to play in fostering active commitment.”

Actionable data at your fingertips

By surveying your donors, you can find out:

  • if you’re communicating to donors effectively
  • why your donors are lapsing
  • if you’re thanking donors appropriately
  • how passionate your donors feel about the cause
  • how much your donors trust your organization

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to prove to your leadership that you’re strategies are working, or that you need help in certain areas. You can also predict future changes in retention and revenue based on the changing attitudes of your donors!

Engagement Survey Features

Customizable Email Delivery

Customizable Email Delivery

Easily build and deploy survey emails using our built-in email marketing tool. Once your templates are created, you can set it and forget it!

Stay Donor-Centric

The Ahern Audit™ runs the “You” Test that keeps the spotlight on the donor, and a Grade Level Test to ensure readability.

Email Deliverability Metrics

No more wondering if your emails are being delivered or simply ignored. Dive into data that shows if emails are being received, opened, clicked or marked as spam.

Elegant Survey Design

Elegant Survey Design

Our simple and unobtrusive survey design makes it easy for recipients to complete the questionnaire without feeling like they’re being interrogated.

Real-Time Affinity Scores

Real-Time Affinity Scores

Once your survey campaigns are activated, you can check your satisfaction, trust, commitment and intimacy scores on an automatically-updated scorecard.


Summary Dashboard

Get an at-a-glance view of how your affinity scores have changed over time, as well as the most frequently reported reasons for why donors lapse.


Engagement Level Impact

A constituent’s engagement level will increase whenever a survey is filled out, regardless of how they respond.


Timeline Highlights

A constituent’s timeline will be updated when surveys are received and completed.

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