Bloomerang: Built To Help You Retain More Donors

“to improve donor retention in the nonprofit world”

It’s not just a tagline. It’s our mission statement.

That’s why we don’t write a single line of code into our product without asking the question: “will this help retain more donors?”

We’re committed to helping nonprofits rise above the average retention rates in the sector, lower their fundraising costs and raise the lifetime value of the donors in their community.

Read on to see exactly how Bloomerang can help you retain more donors.

Donor Retention Features In Bloomerang

Bloomerang Dashboard

Monitor Your Retention Rate

What better way to keep donors at the center of your focus than by seeing your current retention date, updated daily, right on your dashboard. Click through to see which donors have been retained and which need additional attention.

Giving Summary w/ Engagement Level™

See The Impact Of Your Efforts

Having a donor database with a constituent Engagement Meter™ that can capture and visualize interactions with your organization allows fundraisers to take action on an individual level.

Ahern Audit

Write To Delight and Inspire

Use the Ahern Audit™ on letters and emails to run the “You” Test, which keeps the spotlight on the donor, and a Grade Level Test to ensure readability.

Timeline Highlights

Never Miss An Interaction

There’s no need to scour data file after data file or cluttered lists for a constituent’s history with your org. Bloomerang’s timeline visually represents all interactions, including giving and volunteerism, while providing highlights of significant trends.

Bloomerang Reporting Templates

Built-In Reporting Templates

We’ve got you covered with the standard reports that all fundraisers need, including LYBUNT, SYBUNT, Pledge Reminders and Downgrades – as well some you may not have thought of, such as One-Time Donors, Household Averages and Lapsed Donors.

Trends Reporting

Trend Reporting

Filter on which donors have downgraded, which donors have lapsed, and what actions you took that may have contributed to those results. You can identify constituents based on both transactions and interactions, or any combination of timeline entries.

Nightly NCOA Updates

Nightly NCOA Updates

No matter how much a donor loves your mission and impact, they are not very likely to proactively inform you that they have a new address. Addresses are automatically updated in the database, and changes are displayed in the address note.

Nightly Deceased Suppression

Nightly Deceased Suppression

As part of the NCOA updates, deceased constituents are marked as Deceased in Bloomerang. Search the constituent in your NCOA Dashboard to see if there is additional information like deceased date and a link to an obituary.

Nightly Birth Year Updates

Nightly Birth Year Updates

Want to segment your communications by the age of your constituents? As part of the NCOA updates, you’ll also have updated birth year information on a nightly basis. Perfect for planned giving and bequest marketing!

BCC to Bloomerang

BCC to Bloomerang

Any email you send or receive from a constituent can be automatically recorded on their Bloomerang profile by simply BCC’ing Bloomerang on any message, givina you a complete record of communications with that person.

Retain More First-Time Donors

First-time donors are typically retained at a rate of 20%, meaning 8 out of 10 new donors never make a second gift. If your cost to acquire that new donor is less than the gift amount that they give you, you have negative ROI. Retaining first-time donors is absolutely critical to achieving a sustainable fundraising operation.

McConkey International UK found that first-time donors who get a personal thank you within 48 hours are four times more likely to give a second gift. Penelope Burk, author of Donor-Centered Fundraising, and Donor-Centered Leadership, says that a thank-you call from a board member to a new donor within 24 hours of their gift will increase their next gift by 39%.

We recognize that it isn’t always possible to call all first-time donors. That’s why Bloomerang will prioritize who you should call!

Know How Your Donors Feel About You

There’s no reason to wonder whether you’re being donor-centric. Your donors will tell you, if you ask. Surveying donors regularly is a key component to interpreting and improving your donor retention rates.

That’s why we’ve given Bloomerang users the ability to automatically send email surveys to donors that measure satisfaction, commitment, intimacy, and trust of your organization — all without the need for additional software.

Real-Time Affinity Scores

Real-Time Affinity Scores

Once your survey campaigns are activated, you can check your satisfaction, trust, commitment and intimacy scores on an automatically-updated scorecard.

Summary Dashboard

Summary Dashboard

Get an at-a-glance view of how your affinity scores have changed over time, as well as the most frequently reported reasons for why donors lapse.

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