[FREE DOWNLOAD] A Beginner’s Guide to Finding The Best Donor Prospects Hidden In Your Database

Prospect research is difficult. Asking for upgrades, major gifts and bequests is something that every fundraiser wants to do. But identifying the best supporters in your lists for those types of asks can be an even bigger challenge than the ask itself. Oftentimes we look only to the wealthy. But [...]

8 Over-Looked Donor Prospects Hidden In Your Database, Just Waiting to Give More

There's little argument that long-term, loyal donors are your best prospects for things like major gifts and planned gifts. Monthly donors, active volunteers, current and former service recipients, and the securely retired (especially the childless and empty-nesters) are also great prospects. But who else might be lurking in your donor [...]

Key Donor Love Strategies to Keep Nonprofit Supporters Loyal

Donor retention is generally abysmal. On average, only 23% of first-time donors renew. Only 46% of all donors renew (Fundraising Effectiveness Project). Why, oh why, is this so? It’s because too many nonprofits make acquisition their priority and neglect retention. What’s the situation at your nonprofit? First, do you know [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Solve Your Donor Retention Problem

What is the donor retention problem and how do nonprofits solve it? In this video, Amy Eisenstein sits down with Claire Axelrad, fundraising coach, blogger and creator of Clairification — her own mini online fundraising school, to discuss how you can increase donor retention at your nonprofit. We’re proud to sponsor Amy Eisenstein’s video series! [...]

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] First-Time Donor Communication Plan Template

The lack of a documented communications plan is something nonprofits of all shapes and sizes struggle with, especially when it comes to communication with first-time donors. How and when you respond to first-time donors can direct whether or not they’ll give again. The average first-time donor retention rate is only 23%. [...]

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The State of Donor Retention in One Image

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. The data from the most recent Fundraising Effectiveness Project report certainly tells a story, and has certainly generated no shortage of commentary. Allow me to add my own 1,000 words to the mix: Average Donor Retention: 46% If you have worked or [...]

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