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About Vanessa Chase

Vanessa Chase is President of and co-founder of Stewardship School. Her goal is to help nonprofits connect in more meaningful ways with donors through stories and stewardship. She works with nonprofits throughout North America—including BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Union Gospel Mission, and Cancer Care Connection—and is an internationally recognized speaker. Vanessa is also the Board Chair of Women Against Violence Against Women.

Playing the Long Game in Fundraising Because Year-End Fundraising Success Doesn’t Just Magically Happen

Right now, year-end fundraising season probably seems far away. Far away enough that you’ve got other tasks to prioritize. You’ll get around to planning your year-end campaign in the Fall when it’s a higher priority. But here’s the thing – if you want to have a successful campaign – year-end [...]

4 Principles for Authentic Donor Communications that Build Relationships

Non-profits are operating in a time that is increasingly noisy and fraught with competition for attention. Organizations have taken to using frequency and volume of communications to capture that attention. But as I tell my students and clients, trying to be the loudest megaphone is not a viable strategy for [...]

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Content that Builds Your Organization’s Narrative and Donor Relationships

At this point, it may be safe to say that we know the value of content for our organization’s fundraising program. Content – especially for annual giving donors – helps us build relationships by thanking, stewarding, and cultivating donors. It’s content that does the legwork when we can’t make personal [...]

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3 Ways to Share Stories That Improve Donor Retention

Donor retention: two words that can strike fear into the heart of just about any fundraiser. To tackle the problem successfully requires a holistic view of philanthropy – not just fundraising. Philanthropy is about so much more than asking for money. It’s about cultivating community, inspiring people with a vision, and [...]

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