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Gregory Nielsen, President and CEO of Nielsen Training & Consulting, is an experienced nonprofit CEO and consultant committed to helping leaders and organizations excel. Gregory has earned the prestigious BoardSource Certificate in Nonprofit Board Consulting. He is also a frequent speaker on nonprofit leadership and governance and hosts the podcast “Nonprofit Vision.”

3 P’s for Nonprofit Planning Success

In any profession, certain words and phrases provoke reactions from cringing to shrieking, eye rolling to angst. For many in organizational leadership, these include audit, grant report, and restricted funding, to name just a few. And…. strategic planning. Perhaps scarred by a past planning effort, many nonprofit leaders and board [...]

5 Ways to Build Your Board into a Championship Fundraising Team

“A good Board is a victory, not a gift.” - Cyril Houle, Governing Boards      Good boards, like victories, rarely come together by chance. Rather, they are the product of shared commitment to the mission (and to each other), thoughtful planning, and critical processes. Among their many responsibilities, board members [...]

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