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Ephraim Gopin is the founder of 1832 Communications, an agency which will partner with your nonprofit to help you raise more money through smart and effective marketing and communications. He is always happy to connect with nonprofit pros on Twitter, LinkedIn, via his daily nonprofit newsletter, YouTube channel or his weekly podcast.

Fundraisers: Don’t Look In Other People’s Wallets

Higher salary. Nicer car. An assistant. Perks.  Nonprofit C-level executives are compensated better than their coworkers. There is a definitely a wide wage gap between senior managers and fundraisers, program managers and those in the field. But does that automatically mean senior managers should be expected to donate at a [...]

Nonprofits, Say Yes To Employee Giving Programs

Never deprive someone the chance to become a philanthropist There are plenty of reasons to oppose employee giving: Pressure to give. Power dynamic. Staff already give through hours of unpaid overtime. Employees are underpaid. Disproportionately affects the lowest paid employees. In last week’s post, I looked at five reasons why [...]

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The Face Behind the Logo – Building Nonprofit Relationships Through Social Media

Blocking Is For Football, Not Twitter In mid-May, sports Twitter was abuzz as insiders were comparing notes about a ‘very important’ topic: Who’s been blocked by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger? His official Twitter account had been blocking everyone for quite awhile and no one could figure out why. What [...]

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