Meet Michael Leaming – Senior Implementation Engineer at Bloomerang

Michael has been with Bloomerang almost since the beginning. What started off as contract work, turned into a full-time position with our Conversions Department. With a diverse background from law school, traveling, and over 5 years of working at Bloomerang, Michael has fostered a love and knowledge of the nonprofit world, and a deeper appreciation for the world’s cultures.   

Now as a Senior Implementation Engineer with Bloomerang, Michael oversees and ensures that nonprofit organizations can put their best foot forward where their data is concerned, which empowers their fundraising decisions. In his free time he enjoys traveling the world, spending time outdoors, and hanging out with his parents’ dogs, Cinco and Indy.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Film from Vanderbilt University, and a Doctor of Law (Juris Doctor) Degree from The George Washington University Law School.


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